A clinically-based consortium of Boston-area hospitals and engineering schools, CIMIT supports translational research by multidisciplinary teams for medical device and clinical technology system applications. Physicians from Harvard teaching hospitals collaborate with scientists and engineers from MIT, Charles Stark Draper Labs, and physicians, scientists, and engineers from Northeastern University and Boston University with the goal of solving medical problems through innovative technology. CIMIT attracts world-class clinicians, scientists and engineers working together with industry and government to accelerate the clinical impact of innovative technologies.

Research teams draw on the expertise of a professional staff skilled in all phases of the research process—from innovation, through demonstration, into commercialization and into patient application.


As a network of hospitals, research laboratories and engineering schools, CIMIT exists as an infrastructure to enable inter-institutional collaboration. Through CIMIT, researchers from 2 or more area institutions can more easily work together in teams to get their bold ideas funded and facilitated while concentrating on the science. When joining this mission-driven network, each consortium institution enters into a standard agreement with CIMIT. With support from the CEOs of CIMIT member institutions, these operating agreements provide clarity for many research administration issues that would otherwise hamper multiinstitutional collaboration.


CIMIT focuses on novel devices, procedures and innovations to improve patient care with programs in:


By awarding grants for ideas that others would not fund, CIMIT ignites the drive to move an idea from the bench to the bedside.

CIMIT grants and awards support early stage, collaborative research projects for improving patient care, with emphasis on devices, procedures, diagnosis, and clinical systems. To be considered for a CIMIT Grant, a proposal must present a collaborative, multi-disciplinary plan of work that specifically advances the likelihood that a new concept will yield benefit in the healthcare setting. CIMIT values proposals by teams that reach across Consortium institutions and whose novel ideas may create technologies that can benefit several medical disciplines.

CIMIT awards grants to principal investigators on faculty at the CIMIT Consortium institutions. Projects may include team members from other academic institutions and collaborators from industry. CIMIT currently funds projects across its portfolio of programs, but remains open to any innovative use of technology to improve patient care.

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