CIMIT’s methodology involves convening experts from relevant disciplines, facilitating interaction between clinicians, engineers and others throughout the cycle of innovation, and funding research initiatives to revolutionize patient care.

What makes CIMIT unique and effective? The in-house team of full-time experts who facilitate the complex process of introducing technological innovations into healthcare. This highly experienced, multidisciplinary team provides support and specialized expertise to investigators in intellectual property protection, patents and licensing, technology implementation, regulatory issues, fundraising, commercialization, and much more.


CIMIT facilitation is a two-stage funding/facilitation process:

  1. The first stage provides seed funding for high-risk, high-reward ideas. CIMIT grants and awards support early stage, collaborative research projects for improving patient care, with emphasis on devices, procedures, diagnosis, and the delivery of healthcare. This seed funding is suppported with both pre- and post-award facilitation from CIMIT.
  2. The second stage of funding and facilitation identifies innovations that may have a significant impact on patient care. CIMIT facilitation at this stage can come in the form of support to find outside enabled-funding sources or funding and facilitation through the CIMIT Accelerator program.

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