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¡Habla Conmigo! Spanish Language Therapy Groups

¡Habla Conmigo! is an original group therapy program targeting early receptive and expressive Spanish language skills at two levels. Two groups of 3-5 children and two bilingual clinicians meet weekly in 12-week cycles to improve specific vocabulary and grammar with structured and multisensory activities. The Los Pollitos group targets functional vocabulary and basic sentence/early semantic relations. The Los Cisnes group teaches specific early-developing morphosyntactic forms and concepts.

¡Habla Conmigo! is based on the notion that children learn most effectively in their first language.  Thus, our lessons in Spanish involve multisensory, structured, and error-free learning in a social context.  Every lesson is adapted to meet the specific needs of each participant while accomplishing the objectives of the group as a whole.  Parents observe sessions and are given home program materials to carry-over objectives.  Parents receive information and support in how to initiate their child’s school-based language therapy.

Two bilingual Spanish-English speech-language pathologists plan and implement lessons to target particular language goals (specific vocabulary, concepts, and/or morphosyntactic structures) using manipulatives, crafts, books, games, and songs.  Spanish language skills are measured before and after each 12-week therapy cycle to determine progress.  Parents observe each session and discuss changes in their child’s language skills with each other and the clinicians. 

¡Habla Conmigo! is appropriate for Spanish-dominant children and/or balanced Spanish-English bilingual children between 3-6 years of age whose language skills fall in the below or significantly below average range.  Participants’ social skills should meet age expectations. 

Groups began in fall of 2008 and we are currently completing our fifth 12-cycle program. 

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Groups began in fall of 2008 and we are currently completing our fifth 12-cycle program. 

¡Habla Conmigo! Spanish Language Therapy Groups

Phone: 617/887-3527

Please contact Maria Marcovich (617-887-4218) and/or Amy Novikoff (617-887-4104) for additional information and/or group participation.

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