Clinical Research Center

Meet the faculty and staff of the Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Research Center (CRC)

Program Director

Picture of David M. Nathan, MD, CRC Program Director
David M. Nathan, Program Director - Phone: 617-726-2875; Fax: 617-726-6781; Email:

David M. Nathan, M.D. is the Mass General CRC Program Director, a role he assumed in 1991. Dr. Nathan is a Physician in the Department of Medicine, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, an active clinical investigator in the Diabetes Unit and an active investigator on the CRC since 1980. He is also the Director of the Mass General Diabetes Center, which includes the Diabetes Clinic and Diabetes Research Center. Dr. Nathan's clinical research, which investigates novel means of controlling glycemia in the physiologic range in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and the short and long-term effects of such therapy on diabetic complications, has earned him an international reputation as an outstanding clinical investigator. Much of his clinical research over the past 20 years, including his national leadership of NIH-sponsored studies such as the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT), the Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications (EDIC) study, and the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), has been performed on the CRC. Dr. Nathan oversees all aspects of the CRC operations.

Associate Director for Pediatrics and CRC Medical Research Officer

Picture of Madhusmita Misra, MD, MPH, CRC Associate Director
Madhusmita (Madhu) Misra, Associate Director for Pediatrics & CRC Medical Research Officer - Phone: 617-724-5602; Fax: 617-726-5072; Email:

Dr. Madhu Misra is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and Pediatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children. She is Associate Director and the Medical Research Officer (MRO) of the CRC at Massachusetts General Hospital and specifically responsible for overseeing pediatric research on the CRC. Dr. Misra’s research explores neuroendocrine and bone alterations in conditions that span the nutritional spectrum from anorexia nervosa to the female athlete with amenorrhea to obesity. She has also studied the impact of autism spectrun disorders and major depression on bone health in children. She co-chairs the Mass General for Children Research Council and directs the pediatric endocrine fellowship program. Please contact Dr. Misra when planning a pediatric study requiring the Clinical Research Center, particularly for issues regarding feasibility and subject safety.


Picture of Edwin Andrews, CRC Administrative Director
Edwin B. Andrews, Administrative Director - Phone: 617-726-6885; Fax: 617-724-3299; Email:

Ed Andrews is the Administrative Director for the Mass General CRC. He is an experienced administrative professional who manages the CRC grant. As the Administrative Director, he manages the allocation of CRC ancillary funds to support research studies on the CRC and reviews study-related financial issues with the study team.

Picture of Deborah Gandre, CRC Administrative Manager
Deborah F. Gandre, Administrative Manager- Phone: 617-724-9487; Fax: 617-724-3299; Email:

Deborah is the Mass General CRC part-time Administrative Manager. She is responsible for billing of investigators for above standard activity conducted using CRC resources such as weighed meals, DXA scans or study initiation for industry-sponsored studies. She also tracks expenses and communicates with study staff or other individuals to clarify or correct financial information.

Picture of Faith M. Fortune, CRC Administrative Coordinator
Faith M. Fortune, Administrative Coordinator - Phone: 617-726-6886; Fax: 617-724-3299; Email:

The CRC Administrative Coordinator facilitates interactions between CRC staff and study staff, such as Protocol Review, Doctor's Orders approval and Continuing Reviews. Faith is the initial Mass General CRC contact for new study applications and study staff. Faith also serves as the editor for the CRC website.

Metabolism & Nutrition Research (MNR)

Picture of Ellen J. Anderson, CRC Metabolism & Nutrition Research Director
Ellen J. Anderson, MNR Director - Phone: 617-724-2830; Fax: 617-726-7563; Email:

As the Metabolism & Nutrition Research Director, Ellen Anderson is responsible for the nutrition components of research studies. As an experienced nutrition researcher, she can be consulted for study design and control of nutrition variables that may influence study outcome. This may include provision of a standard meal, design of a specialized meal, completion of energy assessments, or determination of nutrient intake from food records. In addition, nutrition staff reviews protocols for nutritional integrity. Ellen can be consulted for nutrition resources and study design.

Picture of Jane Hubbard, CRC Senior Research Nutritionist
Jane L. Hubbard, Senior Research Nutritionist - Phone: 617-726-2540; Fax: 617-726-7563; Email:

Jane is the Senior Research Nutritionist for the Mass General CRC. She is a general resource for MNR visit scheduling and facilitates efficient visit workflow. Jane has primary responsibility for student and study staff orientation; and quality DXA oversight.


Picture of Kathryn Hall, CRC Nursing Director
Kathryn E. Hall, Nursing Director - Phone: 617-726-3295; Fax: 617-726-7563; Email:

Kathy Hall is the Nurse Director for the Clinical Research Center at Mass General. She is an ANCC Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Executive. Her clinical specialty areas include Internal Medicine and Neurology. She has over 25 years of experience as a nurse practitioner, nurse administrator, and nurse educator. She holds faculty appointments at Boston College Connell School of Nursing and Mass General Institute for Health Professions. Kathy oversees the operations and management of the nursing and support staff on the Mass General CRC units on White 13 and Charlestown Navy Yard as it relates to research participant safety, overall experience, and efficient protocol implementation. She is available for consultation regarding the use of CRC resources, study design, and nursing resource allocation.

Picture of Meaghan Rudolph. CRC Clinical Nurse Specialist
Meaghan M. Rudolph, Clinical Nurse Specialist - Phone: 617-726-5127; 617-726-7563; Email:

As the CRC Clinical Nurse Specialist Meaghan performs needs assessments of the clinical staff and provides appropriate education and mentoring as appropriate. The CNS collaborates with RNs during the protocol development and implementation to ensure that appropriate MGH resources are utilized to educate staff to safely implement protocols. Meaghan’s specialty areas include internal medicine and psychiatry, and she is ANCC certified PMHCNS. She holds faculty positions at Mass General IHP and Endicott College School of Nursing.

Picture of Sarah R. Luthern, CRC Senior Research Coordinator
Sarah R. Luthern, Senior Research Coordinator - Phone: 617-726-5320; Fax: 617-726-7563; Email:

The Senior Research Coordinator is a general resource for the CRC staff and study staff regarding LabCorp, template creation, unit orientation, special projects and troubleshooting. Sarah works to facilitate smooth day to day operations on the CRC.

Picture of Elizabeth Thaler, CRC Lab Processor
Elizabeth Thaler, Research Coordinator - Email:

Liz works as a Research Coordinator on the unit. She is responsible for day to day tasks and projects that help ensure general functioning on the CRC. In addition to this, she is available as a resource for investigators who may not have a coordinator on their team. She also works in the lab processing samples.

Laboratory Personnel

Picture of David Omoregie-Edewi, CRC Senior Lab Processor
David Omoregie-Edewi, Senior Lab Processor - Phone: 617-726-3294; Fax: 617-726-7563; Email:

David is responsible for the processing of laboratory samples associated with CRC protocols. Requests for specialized processing should be discussed with him.

Operations and Scheduling

Picture of Charlene D. Davis, CRC Patient Care Service Coordinator
Charlene D. Davis, Patient Care Service Coordinator - Phone: 617-724-3294; Fax: 617-726-7563; Email:

Charlene is the CRC Patient Care Service Coordinator who manages the White 13 Front Desk Tuesday through Friday.

Picture of Joanna Beckles, CRC Patient Care Service Coordinator
Joanna S. Beckles, Patient Care Service Coordinator - Phone: 617-726-3294; Fax: 617-726-7563; Email:

Joanna is the CRC Patient Service Coordinator who manages the CRC Front Desk on Mondays, is also responsible for tray and label set up and occasionally covers processing.

Picture of Kelly-Ann Brathwaite, CRC Patient Care Service Coordinator
Kelly-Ann Brathwaite - Patient Care Service Coordinator - Phone: 617-726-3294; Fax: 617-726-7563; Email:

Kelly-Ann is the CRC Patient Service Coordinator who is responsible for tray and label set up and occasionally covers the CRC White 13 front desk and processing.

Picture of Amelia L. Henley, CRC Scheduler
Amelia L. Henley, Patient Care Service Coordinator / Scheduler - Phone: 617-724-8862; Fax: 617-726-7563; Email:

Amelia is responsible for assisting study staff with CRC scheduling requests.

Picture of Vivine Wilson, CRC Patient Care Service Coordinator
Vivine H. Wilson. Patient Care Service Coordinator - Phone: 617-726-0807; Fax: 617-724-3101; Email:

Vivine is the CRC Patient Service Coordinator who manages the CNY CRC Front Desk, is responsible for tray and label set up, processing and assisting with participant scheduling.