Clinical Research Center

How to schedule a research subject at the Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Research Center (CRC)


Once your protocol has been reviewed and fully approved by the Mass General Clinical Research Center, please complete a CRC New User Form (doc) if you need scheduling access and return to Faith Fortune at  

Note: Please do not use the "Register" button within the HCCRC Scheduling Program to request access to the scheduling program.  The email notifications have been currently turned off.  Please use the CRC New User Form to register.



1.  To access the HCCRC scheduler, you must be on a Partners computer or have VPN access to the Partners network.

2.  The HCCRC scheduler is web-based and functions best using Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browsers.  If you need to download either program, click one of these links and follow instructions to install on your computer.

  • Link for downloading Mozilla Firefox:  FIREFOX      
  • Link for downloading Chrome: GOOGLE CHROME    

3.  Once you have opened either Firefox or Chrome browser click on this link: (or cut and paste the URL to your browser)

4.  Bookmark the Scheduler URL for easy access in the future

5.  Login using your Partner's ID and the password provided by Faith Fortune. If you do not have a password, or the password you have does not work, please contact Faith (617) 726-6886 or

6.  When you login for the first time you are required to change your password. You can do this by clicking on the Management Module. Your password must contain 8 characters, an upper case, lower case, special character, and a number. 

7.  Please verify that you have access to your protocols.  If you do not see your protocol(s) listed, please email and specify your CRC SPID# you need access to. 

8.  You are ready to start using Scheduler.



Please refer to the scheduling guidelines posted within the HCCRC Scheduling Program. 
Go to the QuestionsTab located at the top left corner of the scheduling program then type Training in the Search our Knowledge Base Field.

Study visits must be submitted no later than 48 hours in advance of the visit date.  This 48 hour window does not include weekends, holidays or other CRC closures.  For example, you may not submit a subject visit on a Friday for a Monday visit.  A Monday AM visit must be processed no later than Thursday AM.  Please refer to the CRC Closure Calendar.

If within the 48 hour window, please use the established Blue Board process located at the Clinical Research Center White 13 Front Desk.



For study visits within the current or next week that do not automatically fit, please email (MGH CRC Schedule) from the Partners email directory.  Remember the front desk blue board should be used for desired visits within 48 hours.

In the body of your email, please list the following in order:

  • SPID Number
  • Visit Name
  • Subject Name (Last Name, First Name, MI)
  • Medical Record Number
  • Requested date(s) of Visit
  • Start time(s) of visit
  • Length of visit

        No additional information is necessary in the body of the email. 

A CRC scheduler will contact you regarding your request.



1.  When adding new subject's to the HCCRC Scheduling Program, please do not use hyphens, spaces or special characters when adding the medical record numbers to the subject's profile.  This will help in preventing duplicate subject records from being created.

Wrong way:     123-45-67
Wrong way:     123 45 67
Correct way:    1234567

2.  Please make sure that you are using the subject’s given name (including if they go by their middle name if they use this) and not to use a nickname or shortened name.  For example, please enter F. Scott Fitzgerald rather than Scott Fitzgerald.  Also, it is helpful to include a middle initial or full middle name if it is known to make sure that we have the correct person (e.g. George W. Bush or George H.W. Bush, not George Bush). 



What should I do if I forgot my log in password?
If you forgot your scheduling log in password, please contact Faith Fortune at to have it reset for you.

What if a protocol is not listed for scheduling a subject that I need access to? 
If you do not see a specific protocol number that you need access to, please contact Faith Fortune at to be granted access.

Who should I contact if my scheduling template is incorrect or I need to add/change a template?
Pleae email Sarah Luthern at or Liz Grabher at  Sarah or Liz will be able to change, edit or add new scheduling templates accordingly.