Clinical Research Center

How to Close/Terminate a Protocol at the Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Research Center (CRC)

  • For more information, please call (617) 726-6886

Please notify the Clinial Research Center Administrative Coordinator to close/terminate your study when one of the following has taken place:

1.  The study has been officially closed by the Human Research Committee.

2.  If you are sure that ALL your subject visits on the Clinical Research Center have been completed.

3.  If you are sure that NO Clinical Research Center Resources are currently being utilized (i.e. Nursing, Nutrition, Lab's etc.)

4.  If your study's data analysis has been completed and you feel you will not be adding any new subject visits.



When a study closes on the Clinical Research Center, the subjects' medical records are either purged to Medical Records or to Retrievex/FileLine Access (outside company) as noted by the Principal Investgator. 

If the study files have been designated by the Principal Investigator to be purged to Retrievex/FileLine Access, please note that the records will only be stored there for approximately 10 years.  Retrievex/FileLine Access will then purge the medical records.