About This Center

The Critical Care Center is a collaborative collection of staff, committees and support groups - each role is essential in the day to day patient and family care the center provides.

Leadership within the Critical Care Center


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Critical Care Center is responsible for strategic planning, oversight, and reporting. Executive Committee members include the Critical Care Center’s Committee Chairs, Division Chiefs for critical care in the Departments of Anesthesia, Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, and Surgery, the Hospital’s Associate Chief Nurses, and representatives from Respiratory Therapy and Clinical Pharmacy. Executive Committee meetings are held quarterly.

Clinical Operations Committee

The Clinical Operations Committee of the Critical Care Center is responsible for operations relative to the Center’s clinical mission across all nine intensive care units (ICU’s) at Massachusetts General Hospital. This Committee is comprised of the Medical Directors and Nursing Directors from each ICU as well as representatives from Respiratory Therapy, Clinical Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy. The Clinical Operations Committee meets monthly.

Quality and Safety Committee

The Quality and Safety Committee works together with the MGH Center for Quality and Safety to ensure a culture of quality in each ICU, respond to concerns for patient safety, and to limit potentially preventable complications (such as hospital- acquired infections). Continuous evaluation for high-performance medicine is the goal, based on observation, periodic data collection and interpretation, behavior change when needed, and infrastructure support for system change. The Quality and Safety Committee is led by a medical and nursing chair and a health engineer. The team meets monthly with quality leaders from each ICU.

Education Committee

Education Committee members are Department-based program directors for critical care education who work cooperatively to address the Center’s education mission. The complex nature of critical care requires multidisciplinary team-based approaches to optimize patient outcomes. Interdisciplinary approaches to education and training are a natural complement to team-based care at the bedside. The Education Committee meets monthly to synergize educational efforts across Departments and to pursue innovative approaches to training, including simulation and web-based teaching.

Research Committee

Research Committee members are nominated by their Departments to foster investigator-initiated studies of interest to the Center and to plan strategically for critical care research, leveraging the wealth of investigative resources available at Mass General, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Research Committee meets monthly.

Global Outreach and Health Initiative (GOHI)

The Mass General Critical Care Center’s Global Outreach and Health Initiative (GOHI) engages our global community to address health disparities for the critically ill and injured. Embracing the Hospital’s 200-year legacy of leadership, GOHI seeks to deliver the best health care in a compassionate environment, to advance that care through innovative research and education, and to improve the health and well-being of the diverse communities we serve. Given the resource-intensive nature of care for the critically ill or injured, many agencies historically have been hesitant to invest in the necessary personnel, training, and infrastructure, especially in settings that are under-resourced. However, intensive care is essential to insure optimal outcomes wherever patients are severely ill, whether from trauma, surgery, or infectious disease, especially in those who are weak (typically the very young and old). Happily, recent technological advances in clinical care [link], education [link], and research [link] promise the transformative changes needed to provide modern, cost effective care even in extreme environments. GOHI provides the leadership for the MGH Critical Care Center to realize this vision.


200 years and counting

Mass General is celebrating 200 years of care, innovation, education and community – while gearing up for the years ahead. Join us as we step forward into the future of medicine.