26th Annual Summer Course:
Current Techniques in Molecular Genetics 2016
Monday, July 18 through Friday, July 29
Massachusetts General Hospital, Main Campus, 55 Fruit Street
O'Keefe Auditorium
Hans-Christian Reinecker, Course Director

Epigenetics 101: Basic Theory and Lab Techniques

Kate Jeffrey Monday, July 18 10:00 am


Organoid Models of Intestinal Stem Cells in Obesity and Cancer

Omer Yilmaz Wednesday, July 20 8:00 am


Next Wave of Exome Sequencing

Manish Gala Wednesday, July 20 9:00 am


Gene Discovery

Mark Daly Friday, July 22 9:00 am


Dissecting the Tumor Ecosystem with Single-Cell RNA-Seq

Orit Rosen Friday, July 22 10:00 am


High-Resolution Functional Profiling and Multi’omic Integration in the Human Microbiome

Curtis Huttenhower Monday, July 25 9:00 am


Bioinformatics and Integrative Systems Approaches

Aylwin Ng Monday, July 25 10:00 am


Targeted Genome Editing Using CRISPR-Cas9 Nucleases

Keith Joung Wednesday, July 27 9:00 am


Detection of Protein Expression by Immunocytochemistry

Sylvie Breton Wednesday, July 27 10:00 am


CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing in Mice

Lin Wu Friday, July 29 9:00 am


Structure, Function and Detection of Noncoding RNAs

Alan Mullen Friday, July 29 10:00 am


The course is open to all fellows, students, house officers, research staff and faculty of all Harvard-affiliated institutions and institutions associated with the CSIBD. There is no charge for the course. However, all participants must register by sending an e-mail with the subject heading “Current Techniques in Molecular Genetics 2016” to Cristina Maria Crisman at ccrisman@partners.org. Please include the following in the text of the email: your name, your institution/department, your laboratory (PI’s name), your telephone number and your email address.

Sponsored by the Center for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

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