Center for the Study of IBD

CSIBD investigators organized by site affiliation and by research area

Massachusetts General Hospital


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Harvard Medical School


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tufts University


University of Massachusetts Medical School

Broad Institute


  • Joseph Avruch: Molecular biology of signaling in response to growth factors
  • Sarah L. Booth: Impact of vitamin K on vascular health and immune function
  • Daniel Chung: Tumor suppressor genes in IBD-associated cancer: characterization of cell signaling pathway and regulation by VEGF genes; angiogenesis in colon cancer
  • Robert Gerszten: Role of chemokines in modulating inflammation
  • Lee M. Kaplan: Genetic and genomics of obesity
  • Sam Lee: The roles of tumor suppressor p53 and its downstream signaling in stress response
  • Herbert Lin: Regulation of TGFβ and other growth factors expression: molecular mechanisms of injury
  • Norbert Perrimon: The adult Drosophila gut: a model system for stem cell biopsy and intestinal cancer
  • David Rhoads: Metabolic disorders of Type 2 diabetes and obesity
  • Roy Soberman: Molecular organization of inflammation
  • Vikas P. Sukhatme: Tumor immunology and metabolism


  • Frederick M. Ausubel: Innate immunity and host-pathogen interactions
  • Stephen B. Calderwood: Mechanisms of toxin-mediated mucosal injury modeling of bacterial-host interactions
  • Raymond Chung: Immune responses to HCV
  • Marcia Goldberg: Mechanisms of bacterial (Shigella) invasion of intestinal epithelium: epithelial signaling in response to bacteria
  • Deborah T. Hung: Genomic and chemical approaches to bacterial pathogenesis
  • Ralph Isberg: Mechanisms of pathogenesis by bacteria
  • Georg M. Lauer: Adaptive immune responses to viral pathogens
  • Cammie Lesser: Molecular mechanisms of enteric bacterial pathogenesis
  • Edward T. Ryan: Enteric bacterial factors inducing epithelial invasions: development of mucosal vaccines
  • Jatin Vyas: Dendritic cell pathogen responses in immunity
  • Gerald N. Wogan: Role of NO and ROS in colitis and cancer
  • Mei X. Wu: Role of IEX1 and Gαi2 in inflammatory bowel disease


  • Frederick W. Alt: Genomic instability and B lymphocyte development
  • Amin Arnaout: Neutrophil-endothelial interactions; role of CD11/18
  • Shannon Bromley: Visualization of CCR4-directed Treg control of IBD
  • Joseph El Khoury: Regulation of macrophage functions by scavenger receptors
  • Andrew D. Luster: Chemokine receptors and mechanisms of chemokine action in lymphocyte recruitment and differentiation in IBD
  • Terry K. Means: Molecular and cellular mechanisms of inflammation and host defense
  • Benjamin D. Medoff: Carma proteins and NFΚB activation
  • Thorsten Mempel: Controls of T cell effector function
  • Aylwin Ng: Integrative systems biology of microbial sensing, autophagy, innate immune regulation and programming
  • Jin Mo Park: Innate immune function of p38 MAP kinase
  • Shiv Pillai: Regulation of B cell development in IBD; immunogenetics of IBD
  • Mikael J. Pittet: In vivo behavior of immune cells in resting and inflammatory conditions
  • David H. Sachs: Mechanisms of immune tolerance
  • Brian Seed: Genetic analysis of signal transduction
  • Arlene Sharpe: Immune regulation
  • Andrew M. Tager: Mechanisms of fibrosis at mucosal surfaces
  • George C. Tsokos: Gene transcription in autoimmune disorders
  • Ulrich H. von Andrian: Mechanisms of migration of leukocytes around the body and the interactions between leukocytes during an immune response
  • Bruce D. Walker: Cellular immune response to human viral pathogens
  • H. Shaw Warren: TLR signaling in human diseases


  • Atul K. Bhan: Pathogenesis of chronic intestinal inflammation in murine models of IBD
  • Bobby J. Cherayil: Molecular mechanisms involved in innate immune response to bacteria
  • Nicolas Da Silva: Dendritic cell function in the mucosa of the male reproductive tract
  • James G. Fox: Role of helicobacter in IBD: man and animal models; development of persistent inflammation and cancer characterization of luminal flora
  • Richard Hodin: Regulation of growth and differentiation within intestinal epithelium and alteration in association with intestinal inflammation
  • Ciarán P. Kelly: Bacterial-induced epithelial signaling
  • Atsushi Mizoguchi: Mucosal immune response in murine models of colitis
  • Emiko Mizoguchi: Functional modulation of colonic epithelial cells in murine models of colitis
  • Deanna Nguyen: Role of actin regulation in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease
  • Biju Parekkadan: Therapeutic use of peripheral tissue antigen display in inflammatory bowel disease via mesenchymal stem cell transplantation
  • Hidde Ploegh: The dynamics of this protracted chess game between our bodies and outside invaders
  • Hans-Christian Reinecker: Dendritic cell function in IBD; chemokine receptor and regulation of barrier function of intestinal epithelial cells
  • Simon C. Robson: Purinergic signaling pathways in IBD
  • Hai Ning Shi: Pathogenesis and immune regulation of intestinal inflammation
  • Cox Terhorst: SLAM family in innate and adaptive immunity
  • Joel Weinstock: Immunology of inflammatory bowel disease
  • Seok-Hyun Yun: In vivo confocal and multiphoton endoscopy in animal models of IBD


  • David Altshuler: Genetics of common human disease
  • Mark J. Daly: Genetics of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
  • Ramnik J. Xavier: Systems approaches to innate and adaptive immunity


  • Abraham Brass: Forward genetic screening to identify host dependency factors in viral infections
  • Cosmas Giallourakis: Integrative genomic analysis of transcriptional regulation of B cell development
  • Nir Hacohen: Host-pathogen sensing pathways
  • Alan S. Kopin: G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) mediated physiology
  • Towia A. Libermann: Biomarkers in IBD and cancer
  • Aylwin Ng: Integrative systems biology of microbial sensing, autophagy, innate immune regulation and programming
  • Stanley Y. Shaw: Chemical biology approaches assigning function to human disease mutations
  • Ralph Weissleder: In vivo molecular imaging
  • Junying Yuan: Cell biology of autophagy and necrosis


  • Andrew T. Chan: Lifestyle risk factors for gastrointestinal cancer
  • Chin Hur: Clinical predictors and health outcomes in gastrointestinal diseases
  • Gregory Lauwers: Histopathology correlates of IBD
  • Alan Moss: Translational and clinical studies in inflammatory bowel disease