Health Decision Sciences Center

Tools for Shared Decision Making

The decision worksheet is a short tool designed to make shared decision making conversations easier. The decision worksheet helps you and your patient work through options, key benefits and harms, and design a plan for management. The grid format covers treatment options, with short frequently-asked questions and answers.

Decision worksheets for download:

The tool is not intended to be used as a stand-alone decision aid, or to be a comprehensive set of information, but rather it is best used during the consultation to guide discussion and elicit patient preferences, values, and concerns.

For more detailed instructions, view our guide for using treatment worksheets.

We also have two videos available to demonstrate using a treatment worksheet in a discussion about starting treatment for high cholesterol. One is a "typical visit" without the decision worksheet and one illustrates how the treatment worksheet can facilitate shared decision making in action.

Feedback on your experience using this tool is welcome; please email the Shared Decision Making Program team.