At the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center, we make every effort to make care as affordable as possible. When your first visit at the Weight Center is scheduled, the new evaluation coordinator will be happy to review any fees and answer or refer related questions.

Visits with Physicians and Psychologists

One-on-one outpatient visits involve meeting with only a Weight Center clinician and no other patients. Visits with a Weight Center psychologist, an obesity medicine specialist or a surgeon are billed to nearly all insurances through the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO).

Individual Visits with Dietitians

One-on-one outpatient visits with the Weight Center dietitian can be billed to the following insurances*:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (and Blue Shield plans located in other states)
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
  • Mass Health
  • Medicare (for patients with diabetes or a kidney disease only)
  • Neighborhood Health Plans
  • Tufts Health Plans
  • United Health Plans

The MGPO is usually not able to bill other insurances. If you are insured by a plan not listed above, we will ask you to  confirm this limitation and your potential financial responsibility for the fees for dietitian visits. We ask that you sign this form at the beginning of each visit.

*List as of 3/31/13

Visits with a Dietitian in a Group Setting

If you are recommended for a program where a dietitian presents to you in a group setting, you will be charged additional fees. These programs include both surgery-related groups and nutrition-based learning groups. They are educational in nature and are not covered by any insurance. For surgery patients, the group programs are mandatory.

Medical Management Program

The cost of the Weight Center Medical Management program (Healthy Habits for Life) is $550.00. Your individual nutrition and medical visits will be billed to you or your health insurance depending on the terms of your third-party health insurance plan. The $550.00 program fee includes all nutrition visits, exercise sessions at the Clubs at Charles River Park and 12 group sessions. If you and your Weight Center team feel that you cannot participate in the exercise program, you can opt out of this component.

Surgical Program

To keep the cost of bariatric and metabolic surgery to a minimum, all medical and surgical visits are billed to the patient’s insurance company. The out-of-pocket cost to each patient for the components of the program not covered by insurance is $600.00. This fee is due four weeks before surgery. View the list of these surgical program components

It is the policy of the Mass General Weight Center that all patients undergoing weight loss surgery be enrolled in our comprehensive Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Program. If payment for the program is not made by the due date, surgery may be postponed until full payment is made.

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