Lifestyle-focused Intervention

A patient learns about the Medical Management Program
A patient learns about the Medical Management Program.

The Medical Management Program (also known as Healthy Habits for Life) at the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center is a lifestyle-focused intervention program designed to address the knowledge, skills, attitudes and thoughts that drive behaviors related to eating and activity. Weight loss is only one of the few important goals for this program. Healthier eating and activity are also important goals.

The multidisciplinary Weight Center team members realistically address your expectations about the rate, amount and overall importance of weight loss from the outset. We will help you make a personal commitment to behavior change.

Program Structure

The Medical Management Program can be divided into four segments:

  • A calorie burn test
  • Customized eating plan
  • 12 support and education sessions
  • Two individual sessions with a personal trainer 
Patient undergoing a calorie test
A nurse at the Mass General Weight Center administers a calorie test.

If indicated, your Mass General Weight Center physician may also prescribe a weight loss medication. As with all prescribed and customized programs, indications for weight loss medications are determined by your Weight Center physician in consultation with you and the rest of your Weight Center care team.

The Medical Management Program begins with an appointment for a test that measures the amount of calories your body burns at rest. The Weight Center medical technician administers this simple breathing test and the results are sent to the dietitian. You will then be scheduled for a follow-up appointment with the dietitian to review the results and develop a customized eating plan for weight loss.

Once you have an eating plan, you will attend a total of 12 group support and education sessions at the Weight Center with others participating in similar programs. You will also attend two sessions with a personal exercise trainer at the Mass General Clubs at Charles River Park to integrate exercise into your new lifestyle.

The support and education sessions use lectures, slide presentations, interactive group activities and demonstrations led by our experts in nutrition, psychology and exercise. All enrollees in the Medical Management Program must be willing and able to make a weekly commitment to the 12 group sessions, which are 75-minutes each.

You will be scheduled to meet individually with your Weight Center physician and dietitian at the end of your 12-week group program to monitor your progress and your health. You can work with your team to determine any subsequent help you may require.

Program Cost

The cost of the Medical Management Program is $550.00. Your individual nutrition and medical and visits will be billed to you or your health insurance depending on the terms of your third-party health insurance plan.

The $550.00 program fee includes:

  • All nutrition visits
  • Exercise sessions at the Clubs at Charles River Park
  • 12 group sessions

Although exercise is a key component in a healthy lifestyle, if you and your Weight Center team feel that you cannot participate in the exercise program, you can opt out of this component.

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