Referring a Patient to the Weight Center

The Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center team works closely with referring physicians to ensure both adult and pediatric patients receive coordinated, multidisciplinary care on a timely basis.

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Isadora Nogueira, MS, RD, and Scott Butsch, MD, MSC, discuss a patient's progress

Multidisciplinary Consultation, Personalized TreatmentWhen you refer a patient to the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center you can be confident your patient will receive personalized, coordinated care. All patients referred to the Mass General Weight Center attend an orientation followed by a consultation with members of an expert multidisciplinary team that includes a physician specializing in obesity medicine (internist, gastroenterologist or endocrinologist), dietitian and psychologist.

The Mass General Weight Center team then meets to share their impressions and develop a treatment plan for your patient. Options may include enrollment of the patient in one of our medical or surgical management programs. Decisions about patient care are then made collaboratively with your patient, the Weight Center team and you, the referring physician.
Patients with Prior Weight Loss Surgery

The Mass General Weight Center also serves as a referral center for patients who had prior weight loss surgeries and are struggling with weight gain or other post-surgical complications. Our expert bariatric surgeons and obesity medicine physicians can evaluate patients for the diagnosis and treatment of post-surgical complications. We use surgery, medications and/or behavior programs to help patients who suffer from weight regain or inadequate weight loss following bariatric surgeries. Learn more about the Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Program and revisional surgery at Mass General.
Referring an Adult PatientOnce we have received your referral, we will contact your patient with information about the Weight Center, including an invitation to our new patient orientation (PDF) and the patient initial evaluation questionnaire (PDF).

At orientation your patient will have the opportunity to meet with the Weight Center staff and learn about our programs. Once your patient has completed the orientation and questionnaire, he/she will be scheduled for an initial evaluation.

Sonja Goedkoop, a registered dietitian, tells John Nadai, MD, and Mark Gorman, PhD, about changes to a patient's diet

Sonja Goedkoop, a registered dietitian, tells John Nadai, MD (center), and Mark Gorman, PhD, about changes to a patient's diet

You may refer your patient directly to surgery by selecting “Weight Loss Surgery Consultation” on the referral form (PDF). Patients referred directly to surgery will see a psychologist and dietitian, and provided that team has no reservations, an appointment with a surgeon will be made.
Referring a Pediatric or Adolescent Patient Once we have received your patient’s information, we will contact the parent/guardian (or patient, if 18 or older) to schedule an initial evaluation appointment, which for patients over the age of 10, includes visits with a pediatric obesity medicine specialist, a psychologist and a dietitian with expertise in weight problems in the younger patient. Patients under the age of 10 will meet first with a physician, who will determine whether visits with a psychologist and dietitian are necessary. Please refer to the MassGeneral Hospital for Children Weight Center page for more information.
Costs To the maximum degree possible, medical costs associated with consultation and treatment at the Mass General Weight Center are borne by third-party payers. Health insurance plans rarely cover the full costs associated with multidisciplinary care; as such, patients are required to bear a portion of these costs directly. To limit the financial burden on our patients, all of our consultation and treatment programs are divided into modules of three months or less.

Qualifications for third-party payment of bariatric surgeries vary by carrier. Most often, a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or greater, or a BMI of at least 35 with other co-morbidities, is required to qualify for third-party authorization. The staff at the Mass General Weight Center will work with your patient in submitting their case for review by his/her third-party carrier. View our program charges and fees for more information



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