The Schizophrenia Fellowship focuses on direct clinical care and patient-centered research. The fellowship is approved by the Partners Education Committee and follows an apprenticeship model. The fellow works directly with dedicated faculty from the Schizophrenia program, psychiatry residents from Massachusetts General Hospital and the program’s cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) fellow.

The Schizophrenia Fellows works in three outpatient specialty clinics.

  • The First-episode and Early Psychosis Program, for patients experiencing psychosis and early-phase schizophrenia
  • The Clozapine Clinic, providing specialty care to patients with a history of treatment refractory for psychosis
  • The Freedom Trail Clinic, home base of the Mass General Schizophrenia Program

How to Apply

To apply, please contact the fellowship director:

Oliver Freudenreich, MD, Director

Phone: 617-912-7800

E-mail: ofreudenreich@partners.org


Contact Us

Schizophrenia Fellowship

Freedom Trail Clinic

25 Staniford Street Boston, MA 02114
  • Phone: 617-912-7800
E-mail Dr. Freudenreich

Contact us 617-912-7800

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