Hillary R. Irons, MD, PhD
Hillary R. Irons, MD, PhD

Clinical Fellow, wilderness medicine

Clinical Interests

Wilderness medicine
Altitude illness
Traumatic brain injury


Dr. Hillary Irons received her medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia. She has a PhD in biomedical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology/Emory University where she focused on tissue engineering for traumatic brain injury. Dr. Irons completed her residency in emergency medicine at Michigan State University where she was an administrative chief resident. While at Michigan State, she established a wilderness committee and gained certification in advanced wilderness life support.

Dr. Irons participates in Medical Wilderness Adventure Race (MedWAR) as an athlete and administrator. MedWAR races are team-based adventure races designed to teach and test wilderness survival and medical skills.

During medical school, Dr. Irons spent five weeks in Nepal near Mt. Everest investigating the use of ibuprofen for prevention of acute altitude illness. During her fellowship at Mass General, she will return to Nepal to work at the Himalayan Rescue Association and conduct further research.

Research Description

Dr. Irons' research interests include management of increased intracranial pressure, particularly pressure associated with high altitude illness and acute head trauma.

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