• Center for Disaster Medicine

    The Center for Disaster Medicine is dedicated to improving public health and health system capabilities in all four phases of emergency preparedness: planning, mitigation, response and recovery.

  • Center for Neurologic Emergencies

    Head CT photo

    The Center for Neurologic Emergencies is dedicated to improving the care of patients with potentially devastating neurological injuries.

  • Center for Vascular Emergencies

    The Center for Vascular Emergencies is dedicated to improving the care of patients with life threatening vascular diseases through coordinated educational, research, and quality improvement initiatives within the Department of Emergency Medicine.

  • Division of Global Health & Human Rights

    The mission of the Division of Global Health and Human Rights is to care for the world's most vulnerable by developing and facilitating health-care delivery, research, education, and capacity-building initiatives.

  • Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

    Emergency Pediatric Medicine

    The Pediatric Emergency Department (PED) at Mass General Hospital for Children is a distinct child and family-friendly unit within the general ED at Mass General.

  • Division of Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine

    The mission of the Division of Emergency Ultrasound within the Department of Emergency Medicine is to promote the concept of point of care ultrasound as an aid in the diagnosis and care of patients. There is great potential for point of care ultrasound to positively impact a patient's experience and care.

  • Division of Wilderness Medicine

    The Division of Wilderness Medicine provides expert care for patients where most physicians would have difficulty simply caring for themselves. The Earth needs a good doctor.

  • Emergency Medicine Network (EMNet)


    The Emergency Medicine Network's (EMNet) mission is to advance public health objectives through diverse projects in emergency care, particularly through multicenter clinical research.

  • MGH Freedom Clinic

    Freedom Clinic

    The Massachusetts General Hospital Freedom Clinic provides free, trauma-informed, LGBTQ-friendly primary and preventative care for survivors of human trafficking, ages 13 years and older.

  • Prehospital Care - Emergency Medical Services

    Emergency Medical Services

    Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are integral to the provision of emergency medical care with the Emergency Department as the primary interface between the EMS system and hospital care system. The MGH Department of Emergency Medicine is committed to supporting the highest quality EMS care through direct medical oversight of EMS systems, as well as education, research and advocacy in EMS.