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05/01/2015: MGH team deploys to Nepal

On April 25, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal – the country’s worst in more than 80 years. As the death toll continues to rise to more than 5,000, an additional 9,000 people have been injured, and there are thousands more without homes. The earthquake is a major catastrophe to the Nepalese people, as well as the country’s infrastructure as a whole.

05/01/2015: MGH physician recounts days following devastating earthquake

Renee Salas, MD, of the MGH Wilderness Medicine Fellowship Program in the Department of Emergency Medicine, was in Nepal at the time of the earthquake. Salas was uninjured and remains in-country providing medical care with the Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal (HRA) in Pheriche, near the Mount Everest Base Camp.

03/01/2013: Collaborating in a crisis

The MGH Center for Global Health welcomed U.S. Army Lt. General P.K. Keen to discuss his command of the U.S. military’s relief efforts in Haiti as part of “Development and Defense: The Role of the U.S. Military in Global Health,” a seminar and panel discussion.

09/13/2012: Mass General Physician Reports from Benghazi, Libya

Thomas F. Burke, MD, chief of the Division of Global Health and Human Rights in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Mass General was working in Benghazi, Libya, to help establish medical training and infrastructure. He provides his perspective and experience during the recent tragic attacks on the U.S. Embassy.

08/28/2012: Students in the Field: A blog excerpt from Whitman College student Andrew Roehrig working in Kenya.

Under the guidance of Thomas F. Burke MD, the Innovations, technologies, and health transformation in Africa program brings students in the Harvard Summer Program to Kisumu, Kenya, to explore diverse approaches aimed at fostering transformative and sustainable healthcare improvements in Africa.

03/30/2012: MGH helps fight South Sudan medical education crisis

“Between the Earth and Sky” follows Thomas Burke, MD, chief of the MGH division and leader of its Southern Sudan Medical Education Collaborative, as he and his team recruit instructors from Boston and beyond to work alongside Sudanese counterparts to teach 400 medical students who dream of becoming the first generation of South Sudanese doctors.

03/23/2012: MGH resident collaborates with Lebanese university

Hasan Merali, MD, followed the 80-year-old patient to her home, a small, dark concrete room within the Shatila Refugee Camp in Lebanon, where rats scurried across the floor. During the home visit, the woman told of losing her entire family to the Shatila massacre in 1982 and noted she now is dependent for medical care on the kindness of doctors like Merali who volunteer at the camp’s outreach clinic.

08/19/2011: Global Health Research at MassGeneral Hospital for Children

Research Program of Patricia L. Hibberd, MD, PhD, Chief, Division of Global Health; MassGeneral Hospital for Children

04/15/2011: Maternal health around the world

MGH Hotline 4.11.15 She is best known as an American supermodel for brands such as Calvin Klein, Chanel and Maybelline Cosmetics. But Christy Turlington recently established a different reputation for herself: maternal health advocate for women around the world.

01/28/2011: Helping hands in India

MGH Hotline 1.28.11 When Stephanie Moore, md, a cardiologist with the MGH Heart Center, made her first trip to the city of Kolkata, India, in May 2009, she witnessed the extreme poverty experienced by many of the city's sick and poor.

05/21/2010: A new start

MGH Hotline 05.21.10 The media’s coverage of the destruction and sorrow in Haiti following the Jan. 12 earth-quake may have slowed, but the grieving and efforts to rebuild are still in the early phases. The following is the story of 12-year-old Gedline Agard and her mother Ginette LaForest.

01/08/2010: Addressing the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa

MGH Hotline 01.08.10 The MGH Division of Global Health and Human Rights, the Departments of Medicine and Emergency Medicine, and MassGeneral Hospital for Children welcomed journalist, scientist and public health consultant Helen Epstein, PhD, for a Dec. 10 discussion of her experience studying the proliferation of HIV/AIDS on the African continent.

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This sold-out two-day course held in May of 2013 provided practical training in the critical aspects of maternal, newborn and child global health for clinicians planning to work abroad.

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