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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Executive Health Services at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Is the Executive Physical Program only available to employees at enrolled companies?

Executive physicals are open to anyone who enrolls in the program, including those who work for nonenrolled companies. If your company is not enrolled in the program, you will be responsible for payment for all charges in advance of your visit, including an access charge that covers administrative fees. A receipt will be provided to confirm your payment.

Will my insurance provider cover fees for the Executive Physical Program?

Executive Health Services at Mass General cannot bill these services to your health insurance provider. Additionally, we cannot provide claims forms or any diagnostic and/or procedure codes on your receipt in order for you to seek reimbursement from your health insurance provider.

Charges for a colonoscopy can be billed to your health insurance provider if this is a covered benefit. You will need to follow the guidelines of the health insurance plan regarding the scheduling of this procedure and payment of medical charges. Patients who are paying privately (not through a company or insurance provider) can have charges for a colonoscopy, including separate hospital and physician fees, billed directly to them.

Is participation in the program mandatory if my company has enrolled me in the program?

Involvement in the Executive Physical Program is a wonderful way to ensure that your health and wellness needs are attended to each year. Participation is at your discretion.

Who pays for my executive physical appointments?

For those who are enrolled through their company, all charges for the executive physical and supplementary appointments will be directed to your company for payment. For those who are privately arranging for an executive physical, all charges associated with the executive physical appointment(s) must be paid by that individual.

What do I need to bring anything to my executive physical appointment(s)?

Once your executive physical appointment is confirmed, you will receive a package that details any information you will need to bring to your visit. Included in this packet is conformation of the date and time of your physical, instructions about eating and taking medication, a hemoccult kit and instructions about completing this kit prior to the physical.

We will also ask you to complete a health history and return it to our office prior to your appointment. The physician will use this summary, along with results from your physical examination, for meaningful discussions about your health and wellness. If you are attending any supplementary appointments, you will receive a confirmation letter and any special instructions will be noted.

How am I notified of the results of my physical?

Two to three weeks after your executive physical you will receive a summary packet, which includes the results of your physical, electrocardiogram (EKG) and laboratory results. The results of any supplementary appointment(s) you attend will be forwarded to the physician who conducted your executive physical and will be included in the summary packet. Certain tests require a longer processing time and the results may not be available at the time of the mailing, but you will receive this information as soon as it is available. You will be contacted immediately if any preliminary results indicate the need for urgent follow-up care.

Will my medical information be shared with my employer?

Your medical information is confidential and will not be shared with your employer. Medical information is only provided to others not directly involved in your care at your specific written request.

Occasionally, a company offers executives access to the program with the understanding that a summary of the visit will be sent to the company’s medical department. If this applies to your employer, you will be notified of this requirement by your employer. Prior to scheduling your executive physical, you would be required to sign a consent form authorizing the release of information to your company.

Can I request additional copies of my physical results?

You can request at the time of your physical that results be forwarded to your primary care physician. Our office will mail a copy of the summary letter, results from any laboratory work and EKG, and reports from any supplementary appointments to your primary care physician's office, at no extra cost.

You can request additional copies of your medical information with a written request sent to Executive Health Services authorizing the distribution of your record. An administrative fee will be charged. Requests for copies of your complete medical records documenting any visit(s) to Mass General can be made through the Medical Records office.

How do I make arrangements for specialty appointments that result from my executive physical?

Executive Health Services will assist you in scheduling recommended specialty appointments. Alternately, we can provide referrals to specialists that you can contact directly for an appointment. Be sure to verify the guidelines of your health insurance provider when scheduling a specialty or follow-up appointment.

Do I still need a primary care physician?

Participation in an executive physical is a complement primary care, but it is not a replacement. We recommend that you share the results of your executive physical examination with your primary care physician and that your primary care physician organize ongoing or follow-up care. Your executive health physician does not automatically become your primary care physician.

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