Executive Health Services

The Executive Physical Program at Massachusetts General Hospital helps detect risk factors and early manifestation of disease through a comprehensive and coordinated physical examination.

We will be moving to expanded space in 2016. Our new location will provide us with the opportunity to provide you with more fitness testing, lifestyle counseling and other enhanced services.

Benefits of the Executive Physical Program include:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness: Convenient, back-to-back appointments save executives time and cater to their busy schedules. We work within the executive's schedule and minimize their time away from the office
  • Individualized attention: World-class physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital or one of its affiliates see each executive health patient, allowing patients ample opportunity to discuss concerns about achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Comprehensive reporting: Once test results are available, all clients receive a confidential, detailed report, complete with recommendations for future care. Results and follow-up care can also be shared with a client’s primary care physician, and we strongly encourage patients to do so
  • Specialty follow-up care: Executive Health Services staff can assist with arranging and necessary related follow-up care
  • Experience: Mass General has provided care for many executives at major corporations throughout Boston, the nation and the world

The Executive Physical Exam

Participants in the Executive Physical Program can receive a full, comprehensive exam or tailor their exam to include specific components, within their company's program guidelines. The physical exam is based on age and gender guidelines established by the American Medical Association, along with the data from each client's personal health history which is completed prior to each exam.

Please plan to set aside several hours for the full comprehensive exam.

Basic exam components (provided as part of all examinations, as needed)

  • Medical history review
  • Comprehensive physical
  • Colorectal cancer screening
  • EKG (Electrocardiogram)
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Laboratory tests:
    • CBC (complete blood count) with differential
    • Urinalysis
    • Chemistry profile including lipid profile/cholesterol screening, blood sugar, liver and kidney profile
    • Thyroid function tests, as needed
    • C reactive protein, Homocysteine, as needed
  • Spirometry, as needed
  • Audiometry, as needed
  • Visual acuity, as needed
  • Immunizations: MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) if born after 1956, tetanus every 10 years and hepatitis, as needed
  • Pap smear (women)
  • PSA (prostate specific antigen): Annual testing typically begins at age 45 (men)

The following additional exam components are provided when recommended and are subject to additional fees:

  • Baseline mammogram at age 38 (women)
  • Audiology evaluation
  • Eye examination with glaucoma screening
  • Dermatology evaluation
  • Nutrition consult
  • Chest x-ray
  • Cardiac stress test (non-imaging): Baseline at age 45 and then every two years
  • Bone densitometry: Recommended at menopause and then every two years or upon physician recommendation
  • Colonoscopy: recommended at age 50 and then every five to seven years. Charges for the colonoscopy will be billed to the patient's insurance if this is a covered benefit. Otherwise, the charges will be billed to the patient

Hear more about the program from our medical director, Peter L. Gross, MD

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Contact us by phone or e-mail to arrange for an executive physical or a presentation about the Executive Health Program.

E-mail: executivehealthservices@partners.org
Phone: 617-726-4444


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