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Name of Treatment Program: Donation and Surrogacy Program

Short description: The Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center's Donation and Surrogacy Program offers sperm donation, egg donation and surrogacy options, including gestational carriers, for patients struggling to conceive.

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Our Approach

Whether you have already chosen a course of action or need guidance in making a decision, clinicians at the Fertility Center will support you in your journey, providing information and tailoring your treatment to best suit your needs. 

As you explore donation or surrogacy options through our program, your primary fertility physician at Mass General will continue to help manage your treatments. As a result, each patient enjoys the comfort and convenience that comes with receiving all care in one location.

What to Expect: Sperm Donation

The Fertility Center is not involved in the process of collecting sperm for donation. Instead, we leverage our relationships with a select number of sperm banks.

We carefully screen all sperm donors to ensure patient safety. If the donor is anonymous, testing takes place at the sperm bank. If the donor is known, he undergoes testing at the sperm bank or Mass General. Once the patient is inseminated—or her eggs are fertilized and the resulting embryo(s) are transferred—she continues to receive most of her care from her primary fertility physician at Mass General.

What to Expect: Egg Donation

Women pursuing egg donation may select a known or anonymous donor. In the latter case, we can lend our insight to help the patient evaluate various egg donor agencies and screen potential donors.

Whether the egg donor is known or anonymous, a Fertility Center physician tests her in adherence with strict FDA requirements. The process of egg retrieval involves a minor surgical procedure for the donor. We then perform in vitro fertilization using the recipient's partner's sperm (or donor sperm, if necessary) before transferring one or two viable embryos into the recipient's uterus.

Egg donation is a complex process with numerous moving parts. We have an egg donor coordinator on staff to handle the countless logistical aspects, such as interacting with agencies, educating the couple on potential costs, making travel arrangements for the donor and other tasks.

What to Expect: Surrogacy

Surrogacy entails many of the same steps as egg donation. One important distinction: With surrogacy, we protect the gestational carrier's health by screening the couple according to the same FDA requirements that apply to egg donation.

Success With Safety in Mind

At Mass General, we have superb donor-egg success rates. For details on these and other assisted reproductive technologies (ART) rates, please visit the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Our commitment to patient safety is evident throughout the process. We avoid overstimulating egg donors with excessive medication, which could help us harvest more eggs but also could lead to a host of illnesses. Our high level of technical skill gives us the advantage of using just a few eggs. And our preferred practice for single-embryo transfer protects the recipient from the risk of multiple births.

We also understand some couples' desire to have enough embryos to freeze and use at a later time. The line between getting enough eggs and making the egg donor very sick often is quite thin. However, advances in medication protocols and techniques in the embryology laboratory help us to walk that line carefully. Learn more about our cryopreservation program.

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