The Massachusetts General Hospital Division of Gastroenterology is a collaborative practice of gastroenterologists and endoscopists dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of digestive diseases.

Division of Gastroenterology in the News

Mix Of Gut Microbes May Play Role In Crohn's Disease

Listen to Dr. Ramnik Xavier's NPR interview discussing how types of bacteria and microbes in the gut may play a role in Crohn's Disease.

Speaking Up About an Uncomfortable Condition

Inflammatory bowel disease and the GI Unit in the news

Loss of an RNA tag can keep embryonic stem cells in suspended animation

Researchers in the GI Unit reveal a new strategy to control cellular identity and fate

Oral capsule as effective as invasive procedures for delivery of fecal transplant

Dr. Jenny Sauk publishes a report on noninvasive treatments for C-Diff

Threat Grows From Liver Illness Tied to Obesity

Read how Dr. Corey and the Fatty Liver Clinic are helping patients

Mass General and Broad Institute Announce Major IBD Sequencing Initiative

Learn more about the new initiative to sequence inflammatory bowel disease.

Study Shows Colonoscopy Better Than Sigmoidoscopy in Protecting Against Colorectal Cancer

Learn about Dr. Andrew Chan’s new study in the New England Journal of Medicine about colorectal cancer screening.

Mass General and Broad Institute Announce Major IBD Sequencing Initiative

Read more about how Mass General and the Broad Institute are collaborating in an IBD sequencing effort.

Inside stomach: Ramen Noodle digestion goes viral

Watch Dr. Braden Kuo discuss a recent viral video of Ramen noodle digestion.

Outbreak Patients Could Receive Experimental Hepatitis C Treatment

Listen to Dr. Ray Chung's NPR interview discussing the recent hepatitis C outbreak at a hospital in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Pill-sized device rivals endoscopy

Learn about Dr. Norman Nishioka's and Dr. Jenny Sauk's study on a pill-sized device for Barrett's esophagus screening.

Cancer detection as easy as popping a pill

Learn more about the new pill-sized device for esophageal cancer screening.

Curing Chronic Hepatitis C — The Arc of a Medical Triumph

Dr. Ray Chung discusses curing chronic hepatitis C. Call 617-724-6006 to schedule an appointment for these new treatments.