Dan Pratt, MD and Kathleen Corey, MD, MPH  

Fatty Liver Clinic: Refer a patient

Learn how to refer a patient to the MGH Fatty Liver Clinic.

Up to 40% of Americans have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and 15-25% of these patients have steatohepatitis, a condition that can progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer. Patients over the age of 45 and who have obesity or diabetes have a 66% prevalence of advanced fibrosis and cirrhosis. If your patient has suspected fatty liver, the MGH Fatty Liver Clinic can help risk stratify your patient to determine if further tests, including liver biopsy, are needed and to determine what long-term interventions, including medications, are warranted. 

The Fatty Liver Clinic sees patients with established fatty liver disease but also those with suspected fatty liver disease based on abnormal liver function tests or isolated fatty liver on imaging.

To refer a patient with suspected or established fatty liver disease please contact the Fatty Liver Clinic at 617-724-1685 or use our online referral form.

If you have questions about fatty liver disease including diagnosis and management please contact the Director of the Fatty Liver Clinic, Dr. Kathleen Corey, at kcorey@partners.org.

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