Meet our expert team of physicians in the Division of General and Gastrointestinal Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Keith D. Lillemoe, Chief of Surgery Keith D. Lillemoe, MD
Chairman, Department of Surgery
Clinical Interests: Pancreatic cancer; pancreatic cystic tumors; pancreatitis (acute and chronic); gallbladder and biliary tract disease; gastrointestinal disease; hernia
Phone: 617-643-1010
David Rattner, MD
Chief, Division of General and Gastrointestinal Surgery
Clinical Interests: Gastroesophageal reflux disease; minimally invasive (laparoscopic surgery); gastrointestinal cancers; colon cancer; GIST tumors; Barrett's esophagus; pancreatic/biliary disease; diverticulitis
Phone: 617-726-1893
James M. Becker, MD

James M. Becker, MD
Clinical Interests: Inflammatory bowel disease, colonic polyposis syndromes, gastrointestinal and colorectal cancer, motility disorders
Phone: 617-724-4232

David Berger, MD
Clinical Interests: Colon cancer, rectal cancer, liver cancer, gastric/stomach cancer, GE junction cancer, pancreatic cancer, diverticulitis, gallbladder disease, minimally invasive/laparoscopic surgery
Phone: 617-724-6980
Liliana Bordeianou, MD
Clinical Interests: Laparoscopy for Crohn's disease, laparoscopy for colon and rectal cancer, transanal endoscopic microsurgery, sphincter preservation techniques, treatment of fecal incontinence and rectal prolapse, laparoscopy for ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis
Phone: 617-643-0541
Carlos Fernández-del Castillo, MD
Clinical Interests: Gastrointestinal surgery, pancreatic diseases, pancreatobiliary surgery
Phone: 617-726-5644
Cristina R. Ferrone, MD
Clinical Interests: Gastrointestinal malignancies and metastatic liver disease; immunologic treatment of solid tumors and GI malignancies; primary hepatic and pancreatic cancers
Phone: 617-643-6189
Randall Gaz, MD
Clinical Interests: Hyperparathyroidism; parathyroid and thyroid surgery
Phone: 617-726-3510
Denise W. Gee, MD
Clinical Interests: Laparoscopic/minimally invasive surgery; laparoscopic management of diseases of the foregut (GERD, achalasia, paraesophageal hernias, GISTs), colon (diverticulosis/diverticulitis, tumors), hernias (inguinal, ventral, incisional), solid organ (gallbladder, spleen, adrenals), bariatrics
Phone: 617-643-4459
Richard Hodin, MD
Clinical Interests: Gastrointestinal and endocrine surgery; surgery for Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis; adrenal tumors; thyroid cancer; parathyroid; laparoscopic adrenalectomy; adrenal cancer; laparoscopic surgery; ileoanal J-pouch surgery; Cushings Syndrome
Phone: 617-724-2570
Matthew M. Hutter, MD Matthew M. Hutter, MD, MPH
Clinical Interests: Laparoscopic surgery; bariatric surgery; pancreatic/biliary and gastrointestinal surgery
Phone: 617-726-2819
David Bradley Lautz, MD David Bradley Lautz, MD
Clinical Interests: Bariatric surgery
Phone: 617-724-1088
Ozanan Meireles, MD
Clinical Interests:
Bariatric and metabolic surgery; laparoscopic/minimally invasive surgery; esophageal motility disorders (GERD, achalasia); paraesophageal hernias; upper GI endoscopy and endoluminal procedures; Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES)
Phone: 617-643-9841
Sareh Parangi, MD
Clinical Interests: Head and neck ultrasound and biopsy; RLN nerve monitoring; general surgery; surgery of the thyroid; parathyroid and adrenal glands
Phone: 617-643-4806
Roy Phitayakorn, MD
Clinical Interests: Thyroid disease; parathyroid disease; neck dissection; adrenal disease; general surgery
Phone: 617-724-8655
Janey Pratt, MD
Clinical Interests: Bariatric surgery (open and revisional); general gastrointestinal surgery; endoscopy/colonoscopy; laparoscopic; breast surgery
Phone: 617-724-1088
Paul Shellito, MD
Clinical Interests: Colon and rectal surgery; gastrointestinal surgery; colon and rectal cancer surgery; ulcerative colitis surgery; colon and rectal polyps; colonoscopy; laparoscopic surgery; hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, anal fissures; minimally invasive surgery
Phone: 617-724-0365