Geriatric Medicine, part of the Division of Palliative Care & Geriatric Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, provides patient- and family-centered care in the context of each individual's functional and psychosocial situation. Our team, which includes specialists in geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry, rehabilitation medicine, geriatric nursing, and social work, develops a comprehensive care plan for each patient. Emphasis is placed on wellness promotion and improvement in daily functioning. Our staff coordinates your care across the continuum, which may include hospitalization, rehabilitation, nursing home, and home care services.

A Team Approach to Quality Care

We provide health care as a team, with a focus on the individual patient. This model is often called a "patient-centered medical home." It is designed to help patients stay healthier and to facilitate care when needed, often with shorter wait times.

Each dedicated health care team includes:

  • A physician
  • A nurse practitioner
  • Nurses
  • A social worker
  • Administrative staff

Patients work with a care team to create a personalized and coordinated health care plan. The teams can help patients better understand their health care needs, maintain an accurate medication list and see specialists, if necessary. Patients are encouraged to play an active part in their health care by asking questions, communicating with their care team and collaborating to reach healthy goals.

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