Geriatric Inpatient Fracture Service (GiFTS)

GiFTSMembers of the Department of Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery have been working together since September 2011 through a new interdiscplinary service called the Geriatric Inpatient Fracture Service (GiFTS), which helps care for patients 65 years and older who are hospitalized because of orthopaedic injuries.  As part of the new program, physicians from the Geriatric Medicine Unit work closely with physicians from the ORthopaedic Trauma Service along with staff from Nursing, Anesthesia, Physical Therapy, and Nutrition and Food Services to help patients avoid complications following srugery, address underlying medical needs, strengthen overall health and provide patient and family-centered education.


GIFTS GROUP: From left, Bernardo Reyes, MD, Geriatrics; Dennis Ausiello, MD Chief of the Department of Medicine; Harry Rubash, MD, Chief of the Departemtn of Orthopaedic Surgery; Mark Vrahas, MD, Chief of the Partners Orthopaedic Trauma Service; Kathleen Burns, ACNP, Orthopaedic Trauma Service; Kathleen Myers, MSN, RN, Nursing Director, White 6 and Ellison 6, Orthopaedics and Joel Bauman, MD, Geriatrics