Dr. Joel Bauman grew up in New York City and Southern Connecticut. He attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and then attended medical school at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. All of Dr. Bauman’s training in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Palliative Care was completed in Boston, at Boston City Hospital, the Harvard Division on Aging, and Mass. General Hospital, respectively. He has now been practicing medicine for over 13 years.

Dr. Bauman always had an interest in biomedical medicine, and was involved in research in molecular biology as an undergraduate. Originally, he set out to become a researcher, but he changed his career plans after having contact with patients and families in medical school. He was involved in home care during his medical training, which prompted him to pursue geriatrics immediately after completing his residency and chief residency. Before joining MGH Senior Health as a part-time primary care physician in 1995, Dr. Bauman worked in geriatric rehabilitation. Since 1998 his primary concentration has been in Geriatric Consultation. After many years as a physician, he maintains “humor is the best medicine.”

Dr. Bauman enjoys working at MGH Senior Health for a variety of reasons, including “the collegiality, patient mix, devotion to mission, and the high care giving standards present in this setting.” He is confident that he has found his professional niche, and foresees himself working with elders for the duration of his career, especially as he continues to refine his interests in geriatrics and palliative care.

When he is not attending to the needs of his patients, Dr. Bauman is an avid fly fisherman, hiker, and birder, in addition to practicing yoga and meditation.

“The most rewarding part of my job is the ability to care for entire family systems, not just the individual patient, and to attend to the psychosocial and spiritual issues, as well as the medical concerns, of my patients.”
~Dr. Joel Bauman