Maria Paula Caramez, MD

seniorhealthulricksonprofileDr Maria Paula Caramez was born and raised in Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She grew up surrounded by a big family. She helped her mother taking care of her sickly grandmother, who taught her how to listen and respect the elderly.

Dr Caramez decided to devote her life and career to care for people and attended the Medical School of Petropolis, Brazil. She then went through 7 years of medical training in Sao Paulo, Brazil including residency in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care fellowship. She was named Chief Medical Resident at the Hospital of the University of Sao Paulo, the biggest hospital in Latin America.

Dr Caramez always had an interest in clinical research and she first came to the Boston in 2002 to begin a research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital.  She left Boston to work as a research coordinator at Northwestern University in Chicago. In 2010 she moved back to Boston and decided to pursue further formal training in Geriatrics. She joined the Geriatric Fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital. She always enjoyed treating elderly patients and felt that she could learn from their life stories.

Dr Caramez loves spending her free time with her husband and daughter, the joys of her life. She also likes biking, running and swimming.

“During all the years of my training I found great satisfaction in providing care, compassion and support to the elderly patients and their families during the final years of their life”