Christine Lauria, a nurse practitioner at the MGH Wellness Center at Foxhill Village, is originally from New York but has spent most of her life in the Boston area. Her mother is a nurse as well, and Christine was very interested in her mother’s career growing up. She received her undergraduate degree from New England Baptist School of Nursing and her graduate degree from Boston College. Christine was inspired to further her career as a nurse practitioner after working closely with nurse practitioners in a nursing home and seeing the difference their presence made in patient care and the morale of the nursing staff. She worked at Spaulding Hospital prior to coming to MGH over 4 years ago. Certified in geriatrics through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), a member of the National Honor Society of Nursing, and a member of the American Geriatric Society, Christine has been practicing as a nurse for over 10 years and a nurse practitioner for 5 years.

The most rewarding part of her job, says Christine, is helping patients to keep independent, healthy, and age successfully. Being able to take the time to explain medications and procedures to a patient and reaching a successful outcome are also aspects of her job that she takes pride in. She enjoys the “team approach” to patient care and being part of the exceptional care that patients receive through MGH Senior Health, as well as the learning opportunities that are available. Christine anticipates working with elderly patients throughout her career, and she is considering returning to school to obtain her PhD at some point in the future to be able to teach at the university level or become involved in research.

Beyond her role as a nurse practitioner, Christine is a self-described “avid Red Sox fan”, and she also enjoys traveling and cooking with her husband.

“I am dedicated to the wellness of my patients, including health maintenance, family, and social concerns.”
~Christine Lauria