Mass Generals Symposium Series for Foundations provides an opportunity to engage with physicians, scientists and community leaders and to learn about breakthroughs and challenges facing experts in health care.

Massachusetts General Hospital Symposium Series for Foundations

Past Symposium Series Sessions have included:


In the Addiction Symposium, Mass General scientists and clinicians discussed challenges in primary care with addiction; the biological basis of addiction, prevention and treatment models for youth; and relapse and recovery. Learn more and download the speaker's presentations.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Advances in Research and Clinical Practice

In the first session of the fall 2010-2011 series, researchers and clinicians focused on the challenges of prevention, diagnosis and treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, as well as the impact of Alzheimer's and other diseases associated with aging on the healthcare systems Learn more

Medical Research: Implications for Patient Care

This session covered how advances in medical research—including stem cell science, neuro-imaging and genetics—are influencing the treatment of diseases ranging from cancer to brain-based disorders such as Alzheimer’s, depression and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Session participants were also treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of Mass General's Research Labs Learn more

Community Health: Building Stronger Communities

Three of the most challenging community health issues in Boston and surrounding communities include ethnic and racial disparities in health and healthcare delivery; the obesity epidemic; and the relationship between educational attainment and health status for youth. Leaders in the filed discussed how they approach these issues. Learn more

Autism: Advancing Research, Diagnosis and Treatment

From the “Refrigerator Mother” theory to scientific validation, the medical community’s theories about autism and related disorders have evolved rapidly in the last half-century. In this sessions, leaders in the field explored recent advances in genetics, neuro-imaging, diagnosis, and medical and psycho-social interventions. Learn more