Healthcare Transformation Lab

The Healthcare Transformation Lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital Corrigan Minehan Heart Center is an initiative targeted at improving the experience and value of health care through collaborative innovation.

Transforming Health Care Through Science and Innovation

transformating health care

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Meet Our Team

  • Eric Isselbacher, MD
  • Maulik Majmudar, MD
    Associate Director
  • Julia Jackson
    Senior Operations Manager
  • Perry Band
    Program Coordinator
  • Sandeep Burugupalli
    Project Lead, New Ventures
  • Christina Hilgendorf
    Program Coordinator

The Healthcare Transformation Lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital Corrigan Minehan Heart Center serves as a venue for passionate people from diverse backgrounds—health care, engineering, design, and business—to collaborate on new ideas to improve health care delivery. Our team works with clinicians, staff, and patients to identify opportunities to improve how we deliver high quality patient care. From there, we connect with external partners, including academia and industry, to brainstorm and pilot viable solutions. New ideas and technologies are then tested scientifically and, once validated, are strategically implemented in ways that can achieve long-term success.

The specific goals of the HTL are to:

  • Engage all Heart Center clinicians and staff in the process of innovation
  • Connect with external partners in the investigation and validation of new technology, such as wearable health monitoring devices and mobile communication applications
  • Support a culture of innovation by providing necessary resources and infrastructure to the Mass General  community
  • Catalyze the transition of bright ideas into transformative solutions that enhance the patient experience and value of health care

The HTL has three focus areas, including:

Collaborative Innovation

Open Innovation Competition – The Ether Dome Challenge

The Ether Dome Challenge aims to create and promote a culture of innovation by tapping into the collective knowledge, experience, and creativity of the Mass General Corrigan Minehan Heart Center at every level. The annual contest solicits submissions for solutions to frequently encountered problems, encouraging collaboration among staff members to evaluate and build upon the ideas of their peers. The HTL provides resources and infrastructure to winning teams to ensure that their ideas are supported all the way through implementation.

Examining the Process of Open Innovation

As a lab within an academic medical center, we not only work on implementing innovative projects, but also study how innovation happens in a health care organization with the broader goal of contributing to the field of health care delivery science. We have developed partnerships with leading academic institutions including Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to study workplace culture, teamwork, incentives and feedback on the innovation process.

Co.Create Program

Achieving truly transformative solutions to health care’s most pressing problems will require that medical providers and researchers collaborate with experts in various other disciplines, such as computer science, engineering, design and management. To foster and support such collaboration, the Healthcare Transformation Lab is developing the Co.Create program in partnership with MIT Hacking Medicine. The program will systematically link the clinical or systems problems identified by health care staff with innovative approaches and solutions generated by student-faculty teams of entrepreneurs and hackathons. The goal is to create an environment in which the rapid exchange of ideas between members of the Mass General and MIT communities accelerate healthcare innovation and implementation. Learn more

Digital Health Revolution

Digital Health Practice

The Digital Health Practice (DHP) is a new model of care delivery that leverages new and consumer-facing digital technology to provide continuous, coordinated and convenient outpatient care. It will enable “micro-visits”, completed at the patient’s convenience, aimed at keeping patients and doctors better connected between their face-to-face visits. In addition, integration of wireless digital devices will allow for remote monitoring of chronic diseases. We anticipate that this new care model will lead to more timely access to care, improved patient health outcomes and a better, more personalized healthcare experience for both patients and providers.

Validation Studies

We are eager to see promising new technologies introduced into the patient care setting. However, such tools are only valuable if demonstrated to improve quality, reduce cost, and/or enhance the patient experience. We therefore plan to partner with academia, entrepreneurs, and industry to rigorously validate innovative technologies within the Mass General Corrigan Minehan Heart Center. Such validation studies will transform these digital health technologies from mere novelties to proven tools to improve healthcare delivery. In time, this clinical validation of potential revolutionary technologies will allow us to improve upon the excellent patient care already provided to our Mass General patients.


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