History of Mass General

William T.G. Morton made history on October 16, 1846 in Massachusetts General Hospital’s surgical amphitheater, now known as the Ether Dome, when he demonstrated the first public surgery using anesthetic (ether).

The Ether Dome at Mass General
Between 1821 and 1868, more than 8,000 operations were performed in the Ether Dome. Today it is a teaching amphitheater and historical landmark. Visitors can explore the unique architecture and a small collection of artifacts, including an oil painting of the famous first surgery, an Egyptian mummy and early surgical tools.

Hours & Admission
Monday – Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed during faculty meetings
Admission: Free
55 Fruit Street
Bulfinch Building, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02114
Dr. John Collins Warren performs the first surgery without pain as William Morton administers ether.