Exceptional care at Mass General Imaging - Waltham

Patients at our Metrowest facility receive not only the expertise of Mass General radiologists, but compassionate treatment from a dedicated staff.

Jane MacNeil

Jane MacNeil

Mass General Imaging - Waltham is an extension of the imaging services that are available at Mass General Hospital in Boston. The location offers access from major highways, ample free parking and extended evening and weekend hours. What's more, our staff in Waltham is routinely recognized for providing exceptional care and comfort to patients.

Below is an excerpt from one of the many letters we receive about patients' experience at Mass General Imaging - Waltham.

I was injured on August 1, 2007. I was treated at another facility for the first few months but since the care was poor, I changed doctors and ended up having my X-rays at your location. The first time I went there I could see the difference. The people at the front desk were welcoming and helpful. The staff was professional and warm and I knew I was at a better place.

I had made no progress for 5 months so I was at a very low point when I transferred. Every time I came in the technologist I saw was Jane [MacNeil]. She was always very professional but always had a smile and made me feel like I was her most important patient for the day. I know that she has no idea what she did for me when I saw her but I wanted to let someone know what an asset she is to your organization.

Each patient is there for different reasons but I'm sure we all have the same fears and to be greeted by someone like Jane can change your outlook. We are all quick to complain but my experience with Mass General Imaging was a positive one and I felt it was important to let someone know.



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