Interventional Neuroradiology: The Patient Experience

Part of the Neurovascular Service at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Interventional Neuroradiology Program treats patients on an emergency, urgent and elective care basis.

Our patients come from around the world seeking treatment for a variety of neurovascular conditions. They receive multidisciplinary care and coordinated follow-up from a dedicated team of specialists.

Arteriovenous malformation triggers a patient's near-fatal hemorrhage

Software engineer Lori Corbani was never sick. Yet one day, she was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital after suffering a near-fatal brain hemorrhage triggered by a congenital condition.

A family faces their high risk of aneurysm together

After Sharon Shea was stricken with an aneurysm, she had life-saving, emergency surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. During her recovery, her family history emerged and helped get treatment for her son.

A stroke patient's family is faced with difficult decisions at a critical time

After Barbara Collard suffered a massive stroke, she missed the window of opportunity to benefit from clot-dissolving drugs. When she arrived by helicopter at Massachusetts General Hospital, her family had to make decisions quickly.


Minimally Invasive Procedures

Find out what conditions our interventional radiologists can treat using image-guided procedures that are less invasive than traditional surgery.