Human Connectome Project

Mass General is home to one of the most powerful brain scanners in the world. Eight times stronger than a standard MRI, the scanner produces images for the Human Connectome Project.

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Pioneering Patient Care

For over 100 years, the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital has pioneered imaging technology to improve human health.

Today, our research labs are developing powerful new ways to diagnose and treat disease. We can create molecular images that lead to early diagnosis. We can map internal pathways to deliver targeted therapies, and we can see real-time changes when our patients respond to new therapies.

From the lab to the clinic, our community of radiologists and researchers are bringing advances like these directly to our patients.

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An Extensive Research Program

  • X researchers working in X research labs 
  • Over X current projects 
  • X square footage dedicated to research space 
  • Over $X dollars in federal grants awarded in 2015
  • Multiple collaborations with industry to develop the latest equipment

Basic and clinical research within the Department of Radiology is supported by Research Administration.

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Advances in Medical Imaging

Advances in imaging technology have taken place in the Mass General Department of Radiology for over 100 years.

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Supporting Research Efforts

The Department of Radiology also provides services to support clinical trials and drug development, helping researchers around the world answer their questions with imaging.

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