Timothy M. Shoup, PhD

Instructor in Radiology, HMS
Assistant Chemist, MGH

Email:   tshoup@mgh.harvard.edu
Phone:   1-617-726-6749


Timothy M. Shoup obtained his Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis, in 1988 under the direction of Professor George Zweifel and then spent the next two years as a fellow with Professor George Kabalka at the Biomedical Imaging Center, Knoxville, TN, where in 1988 and 1989 he was awarded the Alexander Hallaender Distinguished Postdoctoral Award from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. From 1991-1993, Dr. Shoup was a NIH fellow at MGH under the direction of Dr. David R. Elmaleh and was trained in all aspects of PET research such as C-11 and F-18 labeling, probe structural design and imaging fundamentals. From 1993-1999, he was Assistant Professor in Radiology at Emory University School of Medicine and worked as senior PET radiochemist. After leaving Emory, he spent two years at Biostream Inc. (Molecular Insight Inc.) as senior chemist before returning to MGH in 2002.

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  • B.S. in Chemistry from University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
  • M.S. in Chemistry from San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of California, Davis, CA


  • Biotin derivatives for tumor and infection localization using PET. WO9533491 (1995).
  • Amino acid compounds for targeting tumors U.S. 554,906  (1998) WO9717092 (1997). (Inventor of FACBC, licensed to Nihon MediPhysics and GE for tumor imaging.)
  • Fatty acid analogs as imaging agents for diagnosis of coronary artery disease. WO2000061196 (2000).
  • Pendant fatty acid imaging agents. WO2003084575 (2003).
  • Method for monitoring blood flow and metabolic uptake with labeled alkanoic acid. WO2004093650 (2004). (CardioPET licensed to FluoroPharma Inc.)
  • Polybiotin compounds for magnetic resonance imaging and drug delivery. WO2005032598 (2005).
  • Catalytic radiofluorination. WO2005082425 (2005). (blood-flow agent BFPET licensed to FluoroPharma Inc.).
  • Aryl bidentate isonitrile radionuclide metal chelate compounds and conjugates, and their uses for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. WO2007123934 (2007).
  • Preparation of radiofluorinated and radioiodinated compounds as medical imaging agents. WO2008022319 (2008).
  • Novel imaging tracers for early detection and treatment of amyloid plaques caused by Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. US2008267879 (2008).
  • Compounds and compositions for the detection and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. WO 2009117728 (2009).
  • Preparation of cromolyn derivatives as imaging and pharmaceutical agents. WO2010088455 (2010).
  • Cromolyn derivatives and their related methods of imaging and treatment. Filed July 2011.

Research Projects

I am working on new methods for labeling with fluorine-18 as well as developing new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and treatment.



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