The 3D Imaging Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital provides 3D post-processing for medical and surgical specialties using protocols tailored to specific clinical applications.

3D applications: Chest

We provide 3D views of several applications in chest imaging. See examples in the slideshow and video. 



CT chest with broken ribs >

CT virtual bronchoscopy >


Clinical application of 3D images of the chest provides information that improves patient care:

  • Virtual bronchoscopy used in the assessment of tracheomalacia
  • Tracking the lumen of the trachea, lungs and bronchi with curved reconstructions or with virtual, intraluminal views helps visualize the anatomy

3D post-processing is available for applications including:

  • Chest CT: Virtual Bronchoscopy for Tracheal Lesions/Tracheomalacia

Other 3D imaging services are performed when indicated in departmental protocols or by request from clinicians.