The 3D Imaging Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital provides 3D post-processing for medical and surgical specialties using protocols tailored to specific clinical applications.

3D applications: FACIAL

We provide 3D views of several applications in oral maxillofacial surgery. Watch the slideshow and videos to see examples.Watch the slideshow and video to see examples.



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Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Clinical application of 3D images in oral maxillofacial surgery provides information that improves patient care:

  • Visualization of the alveolar nerve canal on 3D CT can help prevent nerve damage or assess nerve involvement from extractions or in planning dental implants
  • 3D rendering for maxillofacial cases can guide surgical planning and treatment

3D post-processing is available for applications including:

  • CT Facial Bones
  • CT Mandible for Inferior Alveolar Nerve (IAN)
  • CT Simplant for implant planning

In addition, we provide pre-processing of self-pay dental implant CT exams performed at Mass General Imaging locations in Chelsea, Waltham and Worcester.