Institute for Heart, Vascular & Stroke Care

  1. Overview


    Redefining cardiovascular and cerebrovascular care

    Extraordinary advances in research, diagnosis and treatment.

  2. Heart


    The Massachusetts General Hospital Corrigan Minehan Heart Center brings together cardiologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, imaging specialists and nursing to provide patients with a personal care team to treat their condition.

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  3. Vascular


    The Massachusetts General Hospital Vascular Center is one of the only vascular centers in the country with specialists in every area of vascular disease.

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  4. Stroke


    The Massachusetts General Hospital Stroke Service works to provide the highest standard of care for patients with stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases. Through a multidisciplinary team approach to diagnoses and treatment, the Stroke Service helps patients prevent or recover optimally from a stroke.

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The Mass General Institute for Heart, Vascular and Stroke Care aims to advance the diagnosis and treatment of heart, vascular and cardiovascular conditions. Our mission rests on four fundamental charges:


Integrated Clinical Care

We are pioneering a new model of advanced, multi-specialty integrated care that is patient- and condition-focused. This model serves to streamline the patient experience by connecting each patient with the right specialist for his/her condition through one, single point of contact. Each specialist works with a multispecialty team of collaborating medical professionals to address a patient's conditions.



The Institute is leading the charge in translational research, focusing not only on today's critical issues, but also by discovering the medicine of tomorrow. By supporting unparalleled cross fertilization among research areas such as regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies, vascular biology, minimally disruptive interventions and cardiovascular genetics, genomics and metabolomics, we are creating an environment in which information is constantly shared and conversations lead to innovation.



We are developing educational programs that span the continuum of heart, vascular, and cerebrovascular diseases. These programs are based on the Institute's own innovative research programs and integrated clinical care programs.


Quality and Health Care Policy

Our regional and national health care system is undergoing profound change. Institute experts understand the challenges facing patients who expect the best from their caregivers, and they are poised to be the leading voice in national policy debates regarding cardiovascular and cerebrovascular care.

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The Corrigan Minehan Heart Center offers a personalized approach to care through 12 condition-specific treatment programs.

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Vascular physicians from seven specialties collaborate to provide patients with the most advanced treatment options available for vascular conditions.

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The Mass General Stroke Service provides diagnosis, prevention and treatment for patients with stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases.