Learning Laboratory

The Massachusetts General Hospital Learning Laboratory is a collaborative institutional effort designed to unify simulation-based training and research across the hospital community. The Learning Laboratory seeks to ensure that every Mass General care provider and team has regular opportunities for dedicated clinical practice and feedback in a risk-free environment.

Massachusetts General Hospital Learning Laboratory


Located within the Treadwell Library, The Mass General Learning Laboratory combines information science with the power of experiential learning. The Library's flexible Simulation Ward can be adapted to replicate a full spectrum of clinical care environments, ranging from an intensive care unit or emergency department, to a hospital ward or clinic, to a pre-hospital or disaster staging area. For ultra-high realism, the Learning Lab collaborates with hospital services to provide in situ simulation sessions in actual hospital units and operating suites.

Simulation areas are configured to accommodate training and assessment for critical event management, teamwork and communication, procedural skills, and decision-making. Sessions are led, observed, and debriefed by expert faculty. Both individual and group training sessions can be accommodated, and video-tape review is available to enhance the learning experience.

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