Multicultural Affairs Office

MAO Advisory Board

The MAO Advisory Board was created at the recommendation of the Diversity Committee Physician Workforce Workgroup (chaired by Peter Slavin, with the support of Elena Olson), to help MAO address the growing URM physician issues at MGH. The co-chairs envisioned a board of opinion leaders from multidisciplinary backgrounds, roles and departments at MGH and HMS who can help effect change.

Goals for the Board

  • Provide advice on MGH physician diversity issues
  • Develop strategies to support MAO's expanded role
  • Implement new initiatives and programs through ad hoc committees


Peter L. Slavin, MD
President, Massachusetts General Hospital

Winfred W. Williams, Jr, MD
Program Scientist, Department of Molecular Biology


Name Title
Donna M. Lawton Executive Director, Center for Faculty Development
 Katrina Armstrong, MD  Chief of Service, Department of Medicine
Emery N. Brown, MD, PhD Physician, Anesthesia Department
David N. Louis, MD Chief of Service, Department of Pathology
James I. Cash, Jr, PhD Trustee, MGH Board Member
Elena Olson, JD Executive Director, Multicultural Affairs Office
David Torchiana, MD Chairman and CEO, Massachusetts General Physician Organization
Joan Reede, MD Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership, Harvard Medical School
Hasan Bazari, MD Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program
Ernesto Gonzalez, MD Director, Dermatology International Program
Stephen B. Calderwood, MD Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine
Michael Watkins, MD Director, Vascular Surgery Research Laboratory/Associate Director, MAO
Ramon Gilberto Gonzalez, MD, PhD Professor of Radiology/Chief, Neuroradiology Division
Isaac Schiff, MD Chief of Service, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Jeff Davis

Sr Vice President, Human Resources

Ronald Kleinman, MD Chief of Service, Pediatric Medical Services
Keith D. Lillemoe, MD

Chief of Service, Department of Surgery

Theodore Stern, MD Director, MGH Center for Faculty Development, Office for Clinical Careers
Dorothy Terrell Trustee, MGH Board Member
Felicia A. Smith, MD Program Director, Psychiatry
 Valerie E. Stone, MD  Associate Chief, General Medicine Division
 Sherri-Ann Burnett-Bowie, MD  Associate Director, MAO/DIvision of Endocrinology

 Organization of Minority Residents and Fellows Representatives:

Vicky Vargas, MD --- co-chair, Organization of Minority Residents and Fellows Executive Board/OB-GYN Resident

Nicole Christian-Brathwaite, MD --- co-chair,  Organization of Minority Residents and Fellows Executive Board/Child Psychiatry Resident


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