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SRTP 2013 Student Profile "My SRTP experience exceeded my expectations. I had the unique opportunity to become immersed in biomedical research with a physician mentor practicing in the field I wanted to pursue, and to meet diverse students from across the country. I was able to translate this experience into journal publications and fellowship training at MGH." - Cesar Castro, SRTP Class of 2001; Clinical Fellow in Oncology, Class of 2011



SRTP Class of 2013

Patrick DeSouza
Undergraduate Institution:
Boston University

Major: Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Preceptor: Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD 
Junior Preceptor: Mario Suva, MD, PhD                                                                                                               

Department: Pathology                                                                                                                                           

"The Effects of SOX2-OT Overexpression on the Growth and Differentiation of a Human Glioblastoma Cell Line"

Estefany Flores-Cortez

Graduate Institution: Brown University

Degree: Master in Public Health

Preceptor: Rhonda Bentley-Lewis, MD, MBA, MMSc

Department: Medicine, Diabetes Unit  

"The Impact of Race on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Risk Subsequent to Gestational Diabetes Mellitus"

Jasmine Guidry

Undergraduate Institution: Prairie View A&M University

Major: Biology

Preceptor: Jonathan Winickoff, MD, MPH

Department: Pediatrics; Center for Child and Adolescent Health Research and Policy

"Raising the Purchase Age of Tobacco in Massachusetts Towns: Feasibility and Effective Strategies"

Roderick King

Undergraduate Institution: Delaware State University

Major: Biology

Preceptor: Gazaleh Sadri-Vakili, PhD

Department: Neurology

"Alterations in Immediate Early Genes and Glutamate Receptors in the Hippocampus During Abstinence from Cocaine Self-administration"

Lynchy Lezeau

Medical School: SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Preceptor: Mark Poznansky, MD, PhD

Junior Preceptor: Pierre Leblanc, PhD

Department: Medicine, Infectious Disease

"VaxCelerate: The Use of MTBhsp70 as an Adjuvant to Produce Novel Self-assembling Vaccines"

Wylie Lopez

Medical School: Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (UMDNJ)

Preceptor: Kevin Raskin, MD

Department: Orthopaedics

"Mega-Endoprosthetic Infection After Limb Salvage Surgery: A Retrospective Study on the Effect of a Cement Spacer on the Lifespan of a New Mega-Endoprosthetic"

Brady Magoay

Undergraduate Institution: Stanford University

Major: Art History

Preceptor: Cesar Castro, MD

Department: Medicine, Cancer Center

"Optimizing a Novel Holographic Imaging System to Detect Protein Markers on Cervical Specimens"

Claudia Martinez

Undergraduate Institution: Yale University

Major: Comparative Literature; Pre-Med Track

Preceptor: Noopur Raje, MD

Junior Preceptor: Loredana Santo, MD

Department: Medicine, Cancer Center

"The Role of Pim Inhibition in Multiple Myeloma"

Michael Mensah

Medical School: University of California, San Francisco

Preceptor: Robert Gerszten, MD

Junior Preceptor: Andre Dejam, MD, PhD

Department: Medicine, Cardiology 

"A Novel, High Throughput Method for Measuring Insulin Release at Physiologic Concentrations"

Ann Oluloro

Medical School: Oregon Health and Science University

Preceptor: Karen Winkfield, MD, PhD

Department: Radiation Oncology

"Evaluation of a Clinical Nurse Navigation Program in Oncology"

Danly Omil-Lima

Medical School: Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Preceptor: Teresa Gomez-Isla, MD, PhD

Junior Preceptor: Beatriz Gomez Perez-Nievas, PhD

Department: Neurology

"Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3β (GSK-3β): A player and potential therapeutic target in Alzheimer’s Disease"

Toi Spates

Medical School: University of Mississippi Medical Center

Preceptor: Harald Ott, MD

Junior Preceptor: Jacques Guyette, PhD

Department: Surgery

"Biomimetic Stimulation for Alignment of Cardiomyocytes on Decellularized Whole Heart Matrix"

Carolina Andrade

Undergraduate Institution: Oberlin College

Major: Biology

Preceptor: Marcela Del Carmen, MD

Junior Preceptor: Alejandro Rauh-Hein, MD

Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology

"Comparison of Clinical Outcomes in Clear Cell and Endometrioid Ovarian Cancers Arising in Endometriosis to Papillary Serous Carcinoma of the Ovary"

Daniel Woolridge

Medical School: University of California, San Diego

Preceptors: Karen Kuhlthau, PhD and Elyse Park, PhD

Department: Pediatrics; Center for Child & Adolescent Health Research and Policy

"Preventing Burnout and Promoting Resiliency among Medical Interpreters of Oncology Patients"

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