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Ishir Bhan, MD, MPH

Director of Collaborative Informatics, MGH Laboratory of Computer Science

Associate Program Director, Nephrology Fellowship Program

  • Phone: 617-726-5050
Department of Medicine
Clinical Interests
Nephrology in hospital medicine
Chronic kidney disease
Vitamin D deficiency
Metabolic bone disease
Boston: Massachusetts General Hospital
Medical Education
MD, Harvard Medical School
MPH, Harvard University
Residency, Massachusetts General Hospital
Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital
Board Certifications
Nephrology, American Board of Internal Medicine
Patient Age Group
Accepting New Patients
Not Accepting New Patients

BiographyDr. Bhan is nephrologist and medical informatician. His clinical research focuses on vitamin D. His clinical interests include inpatient nephrology and hemodialysis. He is active in the development of information systems to advance clinical care, including the use of web-based platforms for coordinating care (Apprentice) and medical applications for mobile devices (Mojo).


View my most recent publications at PubMed

Bhan I, Burnett-Bowie SA, Ye J, Tonelli M, Thadhani R. Clinical measures identify vitamin D deficiency in dialysis. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2010; 5: 460-7. PMID: 20185603. PMCID: PMC2827576.

Bhan I, Dubey A, Wolf M. Diagnosis and management of mineral metabolism in CKD. J Gen Intern Med 2010; 25: 710-6. PMID: 20352364. PMCID: PMC2881958.

Bhan I, Camargo CA, Wenger J, Ricciardi C, Ye J, Borregaard N, Thadhani R. Circulating levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and human cathelicidin in healthy adults. J Allergy Clin Immunol 2011; 127: 1302-4.e1. PMID: 21310475. PMCID: PMC3085667.

Powe CE, Ricciardi C, Berg AH, Erdenesanaa D, Collerone G, Ankers E, Wenger J, Karumanchi SA, Thadhani R, Bhan I. Vitamin D-binding protein modifies the vitamin D-bone mineral density relationship. J Bone Miner Res 2011; 26: 1609-16. PMID: 21416506. PMCID: PMC3351032.

Bhan I, Powe CE, Berg AH, Ankers E, Wenger JB, Karumanchi SA, Thadhani RI. Bioavailable vitamin D is more tightly linked to mineral metabolism than total vitamin D in incident hemodialysis patients. Kidney Int 2012; 82: 84-9. PMID: 22398410. PMCID: PMC3376220.

Allegretti AS, Steele DJ, David-Kasdan JA, Bajwa E, Niles JL, Bhan I. Continuous renal replacement therapy outcomes in acute kidney injury and end-stage renal disease: a cohort study. Crit Care 2013; 17: R109. PMID: 23782899.

Powe CE, Evans MK, Wenger J, Zonderman AB, Berg AH, Nalls M, Tamez H, Zhang D, Bhan I, Karumanchi SA, Powe NR, Thadhani R. Vitamin D-binding protein and vitamin D status of black Americans and white Americans. N Engl J Med 2013; 369: 1991-2000. PMID: 24256378.

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