The Hospital Medicine Unit within the Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital provides expert care to hospitalized patients.

Hospital Medicine Unit

In 2010, the Hospital Medicine Unit was formalized into an integrated program at Massachusetts General Hospital. The unit now comprises the Hospital Medicine Group, the Clinician Educator Service, the Academic Hospitalist Service and Medical Team 5. We are committed to providing high-quality medical care and education. Our mission includes:

  • Continuous improvement in patient care quality and efficiency
  • Advancing the hospital’s academic mission
  • Ongoing professional advancement for our faculty and staff

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Hospital Medicine Unit
50 Staniford St, Suite 503
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-643-0604
Fax: 617-724-9428
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Hospital Medicine Group

The Hospital Medicine Group comprises more than 60 board-certified internal medicine physicians who specialize in caring for hospitalized patients. Our physicians practice in a variety of inpatient care settings, including high acuity, regionalized direct patient care; moderate acuity, non-regionalized direct patient care; and residency teaching teams. We provide high-quality patient care, develop innovative patient safety initiatives and make significant contributions to graduate medical education at Mass General.

Clinician Educator Service

The Clinician Educator Service supervises, educates and supports house staff and medical students on the inpatient teaching services at Mass General. Our mission is to provide advanced medical education to the next generation of medical leaders with an emphasis on excellence in clinical care and a commitment to lifelong learning. In their non-clinical time, our clinician educators teach in other educational venues, lead scholarly projects, develop curricula and develop solutions for systems issues for the inpatient service.

Academic Hospitalist Service

The Academic Hospitalist Service (AHS) consists of hospitalist physicians and nurse practitioners committed to exceptional care with a focus on innovation. In addition to their role as clinicians providing direct patient care, AHS physicians serve as attending physicians on resident house staff services throughout the year. AHS physicians provide mentorship to Mass General residents, facilitate resident training courses at the Center for Medical Simulation and serve as preceptors for Harvard Medical School pre-clinical courses.

Medical Team 5

Medical Team 5 specializes in providing care for hospitalized medical patients with complex psychosocial issues who may benefit from a consistent multidisciplinary team approach to care. This dedicated team, led by a nurse practitioner, includes hospitalist physicians, nurse practitioners and a social worker. The team works closely with each patient and family. We improve patient outcomes by managing the hospital experience of the patient, providing early interventions and enhancing discharge planning. The team provides continuity of care by treating the patient on subsequent admissions, if medically appropriate, and by working closely with other hospital services and community agencies.


Department of Medicine residency training

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Massachusetts General Hospital has a long and world-renowned tradition of training leaders and teachers in academic medicine and biomedical science.