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Geriatric Inpatient Fracture Service (GiFTS)

The Geriatric Inpatient Fracture Service (GiFTS) helps care for patients 65 years and older who are hospitalized because of orthopaedic injuries. Physicians from the Geriatric Medicine Unit work closely with physicians from the Orthopaedic Trauma Service along with staff from Nursing, Anesthesia, Physical Therapy, and Nutrition and Food Services to help patients avoid complications following surgery address underlying medical needs, strengthen overall health and provide patient and family-centered education.

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This program aims to better manage patients who are admitted to the hospital with orthopaedic injuries, such as hip fractures, but who often have additional medical issues as well. GiFTS provides the best possible care throughout hospitalization and during the rehabilitation process.  Along with more specialized care, the program also decreases wait time for surgery, reduces length of stay in the hospital for fracture care and improves geratric-specific communication with families and receiving rehabilitation facilities.  The goal is to restore quality of life to our patients.

Our Doctors

What to Expect

Upon a patient's arrival in the Emergency Department, one of two GiFTS physicians, Joel Bauman, MD, or Bernardo Reyes, MD work with the Orthopaedic Trauman Service to evaulate and determine the best course of treatment. Patients whose coexisting medical issues are determined to be secondary to thier orthopaedic injury are admitted to the Department of Orthopaedics to be managed by the GiFTS team. Patients whose other medical conditions are more pressing or severe than their orthopaedic injuries are admitted to the Department of Medicine with an orthopaedic consult. They can then be transferred to the GiFTS team once their medical issues become less acute.

Conditions & Diseases

  • Fractures

    A fracture is a partial or complete bone break. When a fracture occurs, it is classified as either open or closed.

  • Hip Fracture

    A hip fracture is a break in the femur (thigh bone) of the hip joint.

  • Spinal Cord Injury

    Acute spinal cord injury (SCI) is due to a traumatic injury that can either result in a bruise (also called a contusion), a partial tear, or a complete tear (called a transection) in the spinal cord.

  • Whiplash Injury

    Whiplash is an injury to the neck caused by the neck bending forcibly forward and then backward, or vice versa.


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Geriatric Medicine Unit

165 Cambridge Street, 5th FloorCharles River Plaza, CPZ 502 Boston, MA 02114
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  • Phone: 617-726-4600
  • Fax: 617-228-6306

Please call us at 617-726-4600.  You will reach our directed phone system. Please follow the instructions for patient and patient family members. This will directly connect you with a staff member who can assist you with an appointment or direct your phone call to the appropriate person.

Partners Patient gateway

For established patients only. Partners Patient Gateway is a secure web-based application that allows patients to opportunity to request prescription renewals, insurance referralsappointments, change demographic information, and communicate with the practice. Visit

If you are experiencing a true medical emergency, dial 911 immediately. If you need to go directly to the hospital and cannot call us first, please call as soon as possible so your primary care physician may coordinate your health care, your insurance coverage and any necessary follow-up care.

Urgent Care

8:30 am-5:00 pm

If you are experiencing an urgent medical problem please call 617-726-4600 and press 9.

After Hours

If you are experiencing an urgent medical concern and need to speak with a physician outside of business hours, please call us at 617-726-4600. A hospital operator will page the physician on call


Contact us at: 617-643-3652

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