• 2012 MIND Research Review (PDF)

    Dr. Anne B. Young donates one million dollars to MIND research In this issue: Family support for Alzheimer's. Dr. Young's career, retirement, and $1 million contribution to MIND. Dr. Cudkowicz: Drug Discovery Pipeline Bringing Possible Options for ALS Patients. Dr. Maxwell and experimental tools to identify molecular targets neurodegenerative disease. Dr. Schwarzschild: Parkinson’s Disease Researcher Explores Uric Acid’s Role. Dr. Difiglia: Huntington’s Disease (HD) World Congress in Australia and searching for drug therapy in HD sheep to silence the Huntington’s disease gene. Dr. Dora Kovacs, investigating how cholesterol affects the formation of amyloid plaques in the brain. Dr. Hyman: brain changes that are signs of Alzheimer’s disease occur as long as 10 years before cognitive symptoms appear.
  • 2011 MIND Research Review (PDF)

    2011 MIND Research Review In this issue: MIND update from by Anne B. Young, Rudi Tanzi at the Whitehouse, Drs. Tanzi and Hyman on Alzheimer’s genes and proteins; Mark Albers, MD, PhD Alzheimer’s and sense of smell; Marian DiFiglia, PhD, the role of Huntington disease proteins in cells; Michael Schwarzschild, MD, PhD and Alberto Ascherio, MD, DrPH, epidemiology, adenosine, and urate studies; Merit Cudkowicz, MD, Neurology clinical trials and ALS; Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, Alzheimer’s Genome Project and key donors.
  • 2010 MIND Research Review (PDF)

    2010 MIND Research Review In this issue: Anne B. Young's message; Mark Albers, Olfactory neurons and neurodegeneration; Merit Cudkowicz , ALS clinical trials; Alex Kazantsev, Drug discovery for Huntington’s and Parkinson’s; Tara Spires, Alzheimer’s and cell signaling; Rudy Tanzi, “Rock Star of Science” research funding public service campaign; Dimitri Krainc, Huntington’s drug discovery; Steve Hersch, Huntington’s drug clinical trail; Michael Schwarzschild, Parkinson’s trials data analysis and; the Carmen foundation and Philly and Charlie Dake Foundation fundraising for MIND.
  • 2009 MIND Research Review (PDF)

    2009 MIND Research Review In this issue: Pamela McLean, alpha-synuclein protein, Parkinson’s and Lewy Body disease; Jang-Ho Cha, mutant huntingtin protein binding to DNA; Milton and Marjorie Carmen foundation; Marian DiFiglia, Dimitri Krainc, Alex Kazantsev, and Steve Hersch with Paolo Paganetti at Novartis and David Housman at MIT collaborating on drug assays for Huntington's; Anne Young and Ippolita Cantuti-Castelvetri, genetic expression differences in genders; Dimitri Krainc, technique to improve clearance of mutant protein in the brain; Rudy Tanzi and Lars Bertram, completion of the Alzheimer’s Genome Project; Merit Cudkowicz and Robert Brown, basic science and clinical trials research on ALS; Anne-Marie Wills, the role of environmental toxins and diet in triggering sporadic ALS; Michele Maxwell, examining the possibilities of using RNA interference on the ALS SOD1 gene; Brad Hyman, Brian Bacskai and Kishore Kuchibhotla, multiphoton microscopy and Alzheimer's plaques; Michael Schwarzschild and Alberto Ascherio receive funding for Parkinson's research from the Michael J. Fox Foundation; Janice Hayes-Cha, funding research at MIND.
  • 2008 MIND Research Review (PDF)

    2008 MIND Research Review In this issue: Merit Cudkowicz and Steven Greenberg co-direct Neurology Clinical Trials Unit; Robert Brown and John Landers, studies to find genetic influences that may lead to developing ALS; Alex Kazantsev, new class of compounds for treating Parkinson's; Giuseppina Tesco and Rudy Tanzi examining the effects of stroke and traumatic brain injury and the subsequent risk of developing Alzheimer's disease; Dora Kovacs and Doo Yeon Kim, studying the role of BACE around brain cell membranes,and risk of seizures in Alzheimer's patients; Zhongcong Xie and Rudy Tanzi, anesthestic isoflurane can result in increased BACE levels, possibly contributing to elderly patients that experience cognitive degeneration after general anesthesia; Steven Hersch and Alex Kazantsev, Drug discovery efforts gaining ground in Huntington’s disease with the novel compound “C2-8”; Marian DiFiglia, collaboration with University of Massachusetts Medical School on siRNA therapies to shut down the mutant Huntington’s disease gene.
  • 2007 MIND Research Review (PDF)

    2007 MIND Research Review Anne Young, Dora Kovacs, Tiago Outeiro, Alex Kazantsev, Robert Brown, Piera Pasinelli, and Davide Trotti, Drug Discovery milestones in Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s Disease; Rudy Tanzi receives funding from Cure Alzheimer's Fund; Robert Brown and international collaborators found that mutations in the ANG gene on chromosome 14 may be the cause of ALS in patients from Scotland and Ireland; Suzanne Guenette, study of proteins that interact with the amyloid precursor protein; Bradley Hyman and Brian Bacskai using Multi-photon microscopes to see changes in animal brains and to compare diseased brains with normal aging; Tara Spires, study showing how and where these dendritic spines form, and their demise over time; Jang-Ho Cha and Ghazaleh Sadri-Vakili, studying transcription and misfolded protein in diseased brain cells; Dimitri Krainc, research linking problems with transcription to the functioning of mitochondria. Michael Schwarzschild, Adenosine A2A Receptors and Parkinson’s Disease; Jonathan Francis and Robert Brown, working with AviTx to examine whether a non-toxic fragment of tetanus can improve delivery of neuronal growth factors to the particular nerve cells that are dying in ALS; Robert Brown, collaboration between MIND, MIT, and Novartis to work on Huntington’s disease therapies; Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's, ALS, Huntington's, and Parkinson's disease.