Ishir Bhan, MD, MPH

Bhan Laboratory

The Ishir Bhan Laboratory's research focuses on vitamin D and the immune system in humans, particularly in the setting of renal disease.


My research focuses on the biological actions of vitamin D. Particular areas of interest include the effects of vitamin D on the immune system, the role of vitamin D binding protein, and the effects of chronic kidney disease on vitamin D biology. I have been involved in several clinical trials as a principal investigator, co-investigator, medical monitor, and data and safety monitoring board member.

In my role as Director of Nephrology Informatics, I develop and oversee execution of new departmental IT projects aimed at facilitating clinical practice, education, and research, for example providing support for research grants requiring analysis of large datasets and other IT resources.



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Assistant Professor of Medicine
Director of Nephrology Informatics
Associate Program Director, BWH/MGH Nephrology Fellowship Program

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