Contact the Pediatric Neurology physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital.

General Pediatric Neurology Clinic & Subspecialties

Getting Started

If you are a new patient to MGH, the first step to making an appointment with MGH Neurology is to register as an MGH patient by calling 1-866-211-6588.  You may then follow the instructions for either Adult Patient Care, Pediatric Patient Care, or Referring Physicians.

General Pediatric Neurology
Phone: 617-724-6400 (Main office - menu for all contacts)
Clinic Phone: 617-726-6093
Clinic Phone: for Drs. Gascon, Jones, Holtzman, Mochida, Robinson, and Staley - 617-726-3402

Information about clinical trials is posted on each of the subspecialty service pages, or through Massachusetts General Hospital's Clinical Trials pages.