With Andrew J. Cole, MD, as director of the Epilepsy Service we have assembled a world-class team of subspecialists, including dedicated neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons who specialize in epilepsy surgery.

Epilepsy Physicians & Staff

To reach a staff member by telephone, please call 617-726-3311 unless otherwise noted below. Direct lines and e-mail addresses, if available, are listed below.

Andrew J. Cole, MD, FRCP(C),
Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Director, MGH Epilepsy Service and Director
Chief, MGH Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory
E-mail: cole.andrew@mgh.harvard.edu

Elizabeth A. Thiele, MD, PhD, Director,
Pediatric Epilepsy Service
Tel: 617-726-6540

Daniel B. Hoch, MD, PhD, Epileptologist
E-mail: dhoch@partners.org

Keith Chiappa, MD, Consultant Neurophysiologist
Tel: 617-726-3640

Emad Eskandar, MD, Neurosurgeon
Tel: 617-724-6950
E-mail: eeskandar@partners.org

Sydney Cash, MD, PhD, Epileptologist
E-mail: scash@partners.org

Catherine J. Chu, MD, Pediatric Eileptologist, Pediatric Epilepsy, EMU, EEG
E-mail: cchu3@partners.org

Beth Leeman, MD, Research Epileptologist

Lauren Moo, MD, Visiting Epileptologist and Cognitive Neuroscientist

Eric Rosenthal, MD, Neurointensivist, Critical Care Neuromonitoring
E-mail: erosenthal@partners.org

Kenneth Sassower, MD, Epileptologist
Tel: 617-724-7426

Mirela Simon, MD, Epileptologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist
E-mail: mvsimon@partners.org

Ronald Thibert, DO, Pediatric Epileptologist
E-mail: rthibert@partners.org

Jay Pathmanathan, MD, PhD, Epileptologist
E-mail: jpathmanathan@partners.org

M. Brandon Westover, MD, PhD, Epileptologist, Adult Epilepsy, EMU, EEG

Arash Hadipour Niktarash, M.D., ahadipourniktarash@partners.org

Ammar Kheder, MD, akheder@partners.org

Lidia Moura, MD, lmoura@partners.org

Aaron Struck, MD, astruck@partners.org

Gina Deck, MD, gdeck@mgh.harvard.edu

Alice Lam, MD, adlam@partners.org

Rodrigo Garcia Zepeda, MD, rzepeda@partners.org 

Nigel P. Pedersen, M.B.B.S., nppedersen@partners.org

Lidia Moura, MD, lidia.moura@mgh.harvard.edu

David Perez, MD, dlperez@partners.org

Mouhsin Shafi, MD, PhD, Senior Clinical and Research Fellow, Adult Epilepsy, EMU, EEG

Deirdre A. O'Rourke, MD, Clinical Fellow, Pediatric Epilepsy, EMU, EEG

Clinical Staff

Tara Jennings, ANP-BC, Adult Epilepsy Clinical Nurse Coordinator
Tel: 617-726-3311

Tricia Bruno, RN, Pediatric Epilepsy Nurse
Tel: 617-726-6540

Kara Houghton, Chief Monitoring Technologist
Tel: 617-724-1824

Kristi Nordstrom, Monitoring Technologist
Tel: 617-724-1490

Christine Scott, Chief EEG Technologist
Tel: 617-643-6253

Cathy Leveroni, PhD, Neuropsychologist
Tel: 617-724-3726

Amy Morgan, Pediatric Neuropsychologist
Tel: 617-726-6540

Emily Thorn, Clinical Research Coordinator
E-mail: ethorn@partners.org
Tel: 617-643-4617

Heidi Pfeifer RD, LD Pediatric Ketogenic Diet Nutritionist
E-mail: hpfeifer@partners.org
Tel: 617-726-6541


Mallory Davis, Administrative Manager
E-mail: mdavis26@partners.org

Alexandria Flaherty, Adult Epilepsy
Tel: 617 726-3311

Diane Summering, Adult Epilepsy
Tel: 617 726-3311

Nitza Rodriguez, Pediatric Epilepsy
Tel: 617-726-6540
E-mail: canagnos@partners.org

Ayahnna Williams, Pediatric Epilepsy
Tel: 617-726-6540
E-mail: awilliams40@partners.org

Epilepsy Research Laboratory

Andrew J. Cole, MD, Chief, Epilepsy Research Laboratory
Sydney Cash, MD, PhD, Chief, Cortical Neurophysiology and Epilepsy Laboratory

Clinical Research

Clinical Trials

Tara Jennings, ANP-BC, Clinical Nurse Coordinator

Cognitive Effects of Interictal Spikes

Beth Leeman, MD
E-mail: baleeman@partners.org