Please view our patient stories to see how MGH Neurologists are working to reduce and eliminate the devasting effects of neurological disorders.

Neurology Patient Stories

Acute Stroke Care: When Time is CriticalSearching for a Cure

Woman who had strokeAcute Stroke Care: When Time is Critical - 13 days after giving birth to her son, a young woman suffers a stroke and makes a miraculous recovery. Features Dr. Leslie-Mazwi, Dr. Mehta and Dr. Musolino. Watch video.

Searching for a CureEpilepsy: The Road to a Cure - A young man's quest to find a cure for his epileptic seizures takes him on a journey from Albania to Boston. Watch Video.

Community HealthALS Patient Video

Dr. Pasinski and patient

Drs. Nicte Mejia-Gonzalez and Marie Pasinski talk about community health care. Watch video.

Nicole’s StoryNicole from Boston, shares her story about her battle with ALS and her strong desire to help others with the disease in the future. Watch video.


Neuro Critical Care Patient Coma RecoveryEpileptic Seizure Treatment

Raj and familyThe Neuro Critical Care Team’s excellence in service and innovation bring a young man back to life after epileptic seizures leave him comatose for five months.  Features Dr. Rosand and Dr. Cole. Watch video.

girl on a swing

Treatment for epileptic seizures with Dr. Thiele and brain surgery performed by Dr. Duhaime help this young epileptic patient regain normalcy after experiencing up to 12 seizures daily. Watch video.

Frontal Temporal Dementia TreatmentAcute Stroke Recovery

young manA gripping story of a young man diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia by Dr. Brad Dickerson. Watch video.

Stroke recoveryA young stroke victim experiences a dramatic recovery from a life threatening basilar artery occlusion with the help of the Acute Stroke Team and Dr. Aneesh Singhal.  Also featuring Dr. Lee Schwamm. Watch video.

Neurology Residency at Massachusetts General Hospital

Neurology residencyNeurology residents, program graduates, faculty members, and the education director talk about training at Mass General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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