Cortical Physiology Laboratory: Sydney Cash. Collaborative activities are a hallmark of the lab with involvement of neurologists, neuroscientists, mathematicians, and engineers, from multiple universities.

Neurocortical spikes

Cortical Physiology Laboratory

Dr. Sydney Cash's Cortical Physiology Laboratory uses multi-modal and multi-scalar approaches to try to understand normal and abnormal brain activity. The long term goals are to improve therapies for patients with epilepsy.

The following researchers listed in the table below collaborate on Cortical Physiology Laboratory projects.

Anderson, W.S. Johns Hopkins University MGH
Bangera, N.B. University of Chicago Hochberg, L MGH, Brown University, VA Medical Center
Bedard, C Unité de Neurosciences, Information & Complexité Karmos, G Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Bianchi, MT MGH Keller, CJ Mount Sinai Medical School
Bigdely-Shamlo, N UCSD Keogh, E U. California, Riverside
Boas, DA MGH Kolaczyk, ED Boston University
Brown, E.N. MIT and MGH Kramer, MA Boston University
Carlson, C New York University Kuzniecky, R New York University
Cole, AJ MGH Madsen, JR The Children's Hospital Boston
Cosgrove, GR Brown University Mehta, A Long Island Jewish Hospital
Dale AM UCSD Meng, N. Stanford Medical School
Dauwels J NTSU (Singapore) Moussally, J MGH
Dehghani, N Unité de Neurosciences, Information & Complexité (UNIC) Mueen, A University California, Riverside
Destexhe, A Unité de Neurosciences, Information & Complexité (UNIC) Pathmanathan, J MGH
Devinsky, O New York University Pinker, S Harvard University
Doyle, W New York University Rossetti, A.O. Lausanne University
Eden, UT Boston University Sahin, NT UCSD
Eisenberg SR UCSD Sassaroli, A Tufts University
Eross, L Institute for Psychology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Schomer DL Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Eskandar, E.N. MGH Staley, K. MGH
Gale, J MGH Thesen, T New York University
Gow, D MGH Truccolo, W Brown University and MGH
Halasz, P Hungarian Academy of Sciences Ulbert I Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Halgren, E UCSD Wang, C NIH


Updated 1/25/2012